Wednesday, February 22, 2012

They say when you truly love something...

{If you thought yesterdays post was a debby downer, prepare yourself.}

Last night was a very pivotal point in my life...
I gave away my dogs. To a complete stranger. 

How did this happen? How did we get to this point?

I NEVER EVER thought I would have given away my sweet babies. And then I had an actual child...
always thought it was a cop out when people would give away their pets when they had children but now I totally get it. I GET IT. Half of this was my fault. Ever since Amelia was born, the dogs were not allowed near her. After all, they were full of germs and I cringed thinking about them {or some kind of fecal particle} getting on my newborn angel. By the time I grew out of that stage {5 months later} they wanted nothing to do with her. And THEN by the time she actually took interest in them, they snapped at her every time she came near.
Last November, Marley bit Amelia. In a matter of milliseconds, I fell out of love with my dog. I know that sounds hateful and borderline Cruella Deville but I am being honest. I was so disappointed in Marley, my sweet baby who I took every where for 4 years straight, just bit my child. I would have put my entire life savings saying he wouldn't ever do such a thing...never, and when he did, it made me reevaluate having dogs with a toddler....a toddler who can now chase the dogs.

Fast forward to the last few months. The dogs have been deliberately pooping and peeing on her toys and ONLY in her room. These dogs have been potty trained for years and I have never had trouble in that department. Amelia is a million times more curious than she was back in November and it has been a job in itself to keep her away from dumping their water bowls over and sticking their choking hazard sized dog food from her mouth. I tried making them "outside dogs" but after 10 minutes they started barking - for 6 hours straight. They have begun jumping onto the table and eating food right off her high chair tray and tonight I witnessed the unthinkable...eating a slice of strawberry right out of her pudgy little fingers right before she was about to inhale it.

The dogs were not getting the love they deserved... the love and cuddles they had been getting for 5 years. We will be out of the country for a month this summer and thinking of having two dogs with a toddler and {hopefully} a newborn in the future makes me exhausted just from the thought. They need someone who wants to devote time to taking them to the park, playing fetch with them and getting them out of the same house and back yard.

 My very {usually} smart husband posted an add on craigslist (claiming that I was pregnant?? have no idea why) and then shared the link to his Facebook page. While at my doctors appointment I was bombarded with "congratulations!!!" and I had no idea why.... We did mention that they  MUST go as a pair and to a home where the children were older. And by the looks of it, we found the perfect home.

Before you paint me as a heartless human, please remember I spent over $300 last June looking for my lost dog and I truly whole heartedly loved love them, heck they have just as many framed pictures hanging in the house as Amelia. They were our "children" and were our first commitments as a couple, long before we were even commitments to each other. They have been through everything with us and have been there as we grew up into adults and into parents but unfortunately {or fortunately??} there is nothing, not even my loving pups, that will trump my daughters needs and safety.

I thought the hardest part of all of this is knowing that Amelia is fascinated with them. I always thought that she would grow up with them....but then I saw Travis crying as we were packing up their things and that was by far the hardest part. We both cried all last night, I personally feel like I am nothing short of a crack head who gave up her children to social services because "they are too much work", however I have peace of mind knowing we did the right thing.

They say when you truly love something, you let it go...And that's exactly what we did. 

We love you Marley and Lucy!! You will be greatly missed.

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  1. I proud of you Nina!! Only a tough mom could do that....your are looking out for your #1, Amelia. Can't wait to see you today!!