Saturday, February 18, 2012

D.I.Y Jewelry Drawer

Ahhhh, there is NO place like home. I am finally back in the ATX after a three week stay with my mom in Ocean Springs, MS. I will be the first to admit that I am a horrible blogger, especially lately. There is nothing more irritating that reading a blog that never updates and I put so much pressure to not be "that blogger" and then being a photographer, I put extra pressure on myself to take good photos. About a week into my trip I deleted my Facebook and vowed I would stay off the computer the rest of my trip....and I did. It is SOOOO liberating to not have to use technology to communicate {try it sometime.} and pretend its circa 2001 where the only websites that existed were google and google. 

With that being said, I don't know how I freaking missed posting this DIY, especially because I was so proud of my creation!  Totally made it up myself in my tiny little brain, so I think it turned out pretty cute!

A neighbor down the street had a dresser on the side of the road with all the drawers pulled out ready for mr. trash man to pick up the following morning. Like the tooth fairy, I swept in and took all the drawers in the night knowing I can use them for a craft project {I was thinking shelves..}. Ironically, that same night I had the last straw with my jewelry organization...or lack there of. Apparently a standing jewelry box, a hanging jewelry rack and a few other "catch-alls" weren't enough:

The next day, I fixed this mess of a jewelry fuster cluck I had created...

I cleaned and spray painted the drawer. I spent over an hour cutting out felt decorations for the back of the drawer that honestly... was a total waste of time. 
I added 6 hooks to each side and bottom for necklaces and bracelets and the mini closed hooks on the inside for dangling earrings. The black bands you see are nailed to the drawer and are headbands cut in half (hey, I improvised at 11pm). I added some extra long screws on the bottom to stack rings on as well. 

and this has saved my life {okay, it saved my wardrobe}. No joke...its so easy to find all my favorite earrings and I actually WEAR my necklaces because the headache of having to untangle them is eliminated :) 

I still have all my "stud" earrings in the jewelry box but am completely fine with  that. If you have a solution for those bad boys, let me know!

Or if you have any suggestions for my sick scarf obsession that is taking over my closet....holla at me. {I have 38 of them. Travis is calling intervention if this doesn't get resolved.}

Oh, and P.S...I only stayed off Facebook for a week hah! How else am I suppose to make people read this?? I came up with the solution to take FB off of my phone {where I spent almost all my stalking time} and have only been on it twice in 4 days. Feels good to be disconnected sometimes...

Hope you're having a fun and safe weekend!

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  1. A small cork-bulletin board works really well for the stud type earrings! :-)