Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cyst > Colon

I am not one to shy away from honesty. I am quick {sometimes too quick} to tell a stranger my problems and I decided I have no filter. I say things, wether it be grotesque or unwelcoming news, typically wether you want to hear it or not.

This blog is suppose to reflect my life and everything in it- from periungual warts to marriage issues and I have made it quite apparent that my body has been completely f*cked up since I gave birth.

A few weeks ago, right around Amelias birthday party, I started having crazy cramps and pains in my lower abdomen, predominately on my left side. After I had my gallbladder removed last August, it has been guessing game with my stomach as to what sets it off into a diarrhea coma, and I thought this was nothing new. The pains never went away and the last two weeks the pressure has been like nothing I have felt before. The pain is not a "life altering, doubled over 'get me to the ER'" kind of pain, it feels like I have a 20 lb. weight sitting between my ovary and colon...in fact I have been comparing this pain to doctors saying it is just like when I was 9 months pregnant and I could feel the baby sitting right on my bladder yet am having "period" cramps at the same time. I am disgustingly bloated, have no appetite and just feel "icky". I convinced myself that since this is in the "reproductive" region, this must be a cyst on my ovary.

I was SO excited to go to the OB/GYN today. I thought they would do an exam, tell me what I thought I already knew, give me the solutions and send me on my way. Unfortunately, none of the above happened. They did an exam, didn't feel a thing, told me that I had all the wrong symptoms for a cyst and said to contact another doctor that could preform...*gasp* colonoscopies and specialize in GI tracts because it looks like I have a swollen or infected colon and all the tender areas were gestational related (mouthful of medical terms, I know.) I was afraid of that answer. I think I almost knew that it was going to be colon related because I just haven't been "functioning" the way I use to...dang, there goes that grotesque, unwanted information talk...

Why me, Lord, why me? I thought this was going to be the year of health? I thought my body would catch a freaking break in 2012....I am on the cusp of paying off all my other medical bills and now this?

Unfortunately, there is no climax to this post. No pictures either, so I am sorry to disappoint.

I am simply just asking for prayers that this all gets figured out. My wonderful mother was goin to head back home tomorrow but is staying to help with the baby until I am "fixed".

Anywho, thought I would just go ahead and blog about all of this since many friends and family knew I had a dr. appointment today and thought I could save myself from writing 2034820348 text messages :)

Again, keep this mama in your prayers....after googling my symptoms {biggest mistake EVER}, I am convinced I have cancer, crohns disease, IBS and a bacterial eating flesh disease....

Looking forward to blogging about my fun trip to MS later today and revamping my blog later this week :)


  1. don't listen to google! prayers for God's healing!

  2. Praying for you! Hope everything gets better soon!!