Sunday, February 26, 2012

Act Of Valor: Act of Courage

Last night, Travis convinced me to do two things that I never do....
1. Go see a movie in an actual theatre (other than "The Help" the last 24845 movies i've seen have been thrown into the "waste of time and money" catagory and if I MUST sit in one spot for over an hour it better be my own couch where I can pause and pee as I need.)
2. Go see a movie that is not in my typical genre. I am a "stupid humor", drug related ("Blow"), mob boss kinda movie gal. I can't stand science fiction, chick flicks or war movies (such as "300").

However, I was privileged enough to watch "Act Of Valor" last night. I hadn't seen one preview for this movie yet so when Travis told me he wanted to go see this, I threw it out the window immediately. "This is our only date night for awhile I don't want to waste it seeing a movie I don't want to see, Trav" I pleaded. But then he showed me this trailer (PLEASE WATCH IT) and it spiked my interest enough to go.

There were parts of this movie that made my heart race like no other movie I have seen. You can truly feel the act of courage that the Navy Seals (and any form of the military) are forced to hold and I really appreciated seeing a film of this nature with hardly any computerized special effects (when the heck was the last time that happened??). It also shed some light on the affects the military has on one's family and I could only imagine how much that would change my family dynamic. The best part was that most of the characters in the movie were actual Navy Seals...sure there were times that the acting was a little sketchy but thats because they aren't actors...they are much more than that. TOO many times in the movie my tiny naive brain would look over at Travis and ask "does that really happen?" or "can they really do that??". It really put into perspective how advance our military is, how in sync they are and frankly, how brave they are. Putting all politics aside, this movie definitely goes into the "Must See" category....

Many times we pass a soldier, a fighter, a veteran on the street without even giving them so much as a smile. They are putting their families and lives on the line for our freedom yet never ask for anything in return. We should be putting our military on the highest pedestal but instead our society is throwing award show after award show for celebrity nobodies...

The next time I see ANY form of military on the street, they will not be overlooked. I look forward to many hand shakes and "thank you's." For the first time in a very lonnnnng time, last night I was proud to be an American.

Valor: {Val-or}
strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness : personal bravery

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  1. Clint and I saw it and we LOVED it!!!! Especially since his brother is now in the military. I said the same thing to Clint "I can't believe how amazing our military is". God Bless America!