Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kite Festival 2k12

Want to know Amelia's favorite thing to do in the entire world?

Press the buttons on our cable box.

She is amazing at turning it off and on and when she finally gets the cable box to turn back on, our system directly goes to the "YNN" channel (for those Time Warner users in ATX). Needless to say, I have gotten use to watching this channel, which repeats the same stories...over and over again.

Today on YNN they had a really good story {mind you I was also busy cleaning up spilled milk, keeping Amelia off the fire place so I didn't get all the details} about a mom who was determined to find free fun things to do in our amazing city. After two years of doing a NEW activity every day, she is still finding ways to keep her and her chillen's busy...{yes, I said chillens. my grandmother is from Mississippi.}

Tonight while doing my typical 487574 hours of web surfing on the couch, I tried to google her blog. As I mentioned before, I wasn't all that attentive to the TV, but I came across this site and was thrilled with what I found!

This has some awesome FREE mommykiddy friendly things to do in Austin! Granted, I will have to wait a few years before my little tyke can partake but there are some great ideas to keep a stay at home mom from feeling like every day is identical. Not too far down into scrolling, I came across this post!!!

ZILKER KITE FESTIVAL is coming up, y'all! I have always wanted to attend and am always the jealous broad on Facebook admiring everyones photos. The festival is March 4th this Sunday....

You can find all the info for it here and learn some cool history as well!

Have YOU been to the annual kite fest? Is it really all its hyped up to be? 

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