About Me

I was once a "Vasconcellos" and if going through life with a last name like that doesn't give you a thick skin to name calling, I don't know what will.

Then I married the man of my dreams 10/24/09....Meet Travis.

At first, I hated his last name. Our kids have no chance but to be called "Tank" and while that is okay for a boy, our sweet Amelia is going to suffer. We are CONSTANTLY using our last name in place of other words on a daily basis, hence the title of my blog "Tank You Notes...". Hey, I could have gone with "Tank you my love" "Tank Goodness" or "Tank you, come again" (WOW that last one was really good!)

We are a Jesus loving clan who are struggling to stay afloat in this sea of life. We welcomed our beautiful ray of sunshine into the world January 26, 2011 and she turned our worlds upside down (where the hell is my life vest?) and she is our EVERYTHING and the only thing that will possibly help me rid my horrible habit of cussing like a sailor. Meet Amelia:

There is no doubt she will be mentioned in 99% of my blog posts :)

We are a little family seeking to do big things through Christ! Thanks for stopping by :)