Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17 = crushed bones

Sorry for my absence to everyone who actually reads this thing...Last week I was so busy packing for our trip to Mississippi and now I have been taking full advantage of our vacation!

This morning while chatting over coffee, my mom reminded me: "Nina, today is your two year anniversary of your car accident..."

For those who don't know or have yet to wander through my facebook photo albums, two years ago today was the best worst day of my life. I remember exactly what I was wearing, how my hair was styled, even what song I was listening to when it happened.

July 17, 2009:

10 weeks before I was set to walk down the isle. I had just started the most amazing job that May, Travis and I were on day 43 of our P90x (I was in THE best shape of my life) and life was GOOD! Travis had a tattoo appointment on N. Lamar and I was going with him, after all he was getting my face plastered on his bicep! After an hour of hanging out, I was bored as hell and the people were NOT being friendly. "I'm blowing this Popsicle stand, call me when you are ready for me to come get you." I remember I went Target, randomly bought Milano cookies, a shirt and a cell phone charger and then I headed over to my dads tire shop on N. Lamar that was only minutes from Travis' tattoo shop.

I hung out with "family." Everyone who worked for my dad has worked for him for YEARS. Not 2 or 5 years...more like 10 to 15. They are more family to us than even our actual family is. I ate a taco at a near by taco stand. I waved good-bye to Tiny, Butter Bean and Paco, hopped in my BMW and off I went. Now, what happened next will forever be burnt in my tiny brain. I was attempting to to take a left onto N. Lamar out of my dads shop. It was around 5:30 pm on a Friday and the traffic was extremely congested, everyone was at a "stand still." The car stopped and let me through. The second car stopped....I could not see past the "chicken lane" and was stopped in front of this lane. The tan sedan waved me to proceed to take a left as I could not see in my small car. I remember what he looked like, I remember the aggravated hand gesture he made to "hurry the fuck up".

I was sitting horizontal in the chicken lane waiting for the next car to halt and let me FINALLY take my left. I remember looking to my left and seeing this blue Expedition flying at me. My window shatters, my air bag punches me in the face and I throw my hands up over my face. I was t-boned and the driver was going an estimated 50 mph.

My life took a ten minute intermission. I could hear the chaos around me but could not regain consciousness. The next few minutes were what people call an "outer body experience". I could almost see what was going on from a birds eye view and could hear everyone around me freaking out. I woke up to Tiny on the phone with my dad crying and slapping me on the face. Doug "Butter Bean" ( a five foot nothing, 350 lb. black man) was on his knees bawling his eyes out. "Not miss Nina, not miss Nina". I remember screaming "TINY! TINY!". I was so crammed in my seat. I lifted myself out of what was left of my seat and put myself in my passenger seat, even though everyone was yelling at me not to move. There was blood everywhere. I pulled down the visor to see what damage was done to my face (obviously that was my only concern haha) and asked Tiny if I was missing any teeth. I only had some deep gashes near my eye brown where my face hit the window but it looked like the damage was much worse because the whole left side of my body was covered in blood. Everything after that was a blur until the ambulance got there. I was screaming for someone to call Travis but had no idea the name of his tattoo shop. I also knew his phone was dead.

Tiny rode with me to the hospital, my parents were stuck in the traffic that got me in this place. I was copping a major attitude in the ambulance, asking all sorts of questions. When they wheeled me in the emergency room, they told the receiving nurses "Watch out, this one is a tough cookie." In lack of better words the nurse that helped me was a complete....meany. I finally asked her where she was from and when she said Chicago, I said "figures." My family arrived and I was so thrilled to see them! As God would have it, the very first tattoo parlor they called was the one Travis as at. They rushed me into get x-rays and see what damage was done.

Broken pelvis in 3 places, broken sacrum, broken tailbone, fractured sternum, lacerated liver and a punctured left lung. The only physical injury is the scars from the gashes on my eye brow and shoulder.
To be honest, it sounds much worse than it really was. I actually wasn't in much pain. My heart sank when the police were questioning me in my hospital bed....The driver did not have a drivers license or insurance, was most likely illegal and was pressing charges...ON ME. All witnesses refused to be questioned and he did not receive a ticket even though he was driving without a license. I was PISSED. I knew it would never get anywhere because he was driving illegally yet the accident was still considered my fault since I was in the chicken lane. I think that the driver was driving in the chicken lane trying to avoid the traffic, why else would he be going so fast if he was just turning??

The case never went anywhere.

I healed just fine...crooked but fine :) The doctors suggested I not get pregnant for at least 3 years so I could fully heal. I returned to work 6 weeks later, walked down the isle in 4 in. heels and got pregnant 10 months later. I actually had zero problems regarding my injuries all through out my pregnancy but now have serious pains when I try to exercise or when the weather changes. Some days I feel trapped in an 80 year olds body.

I say this was one of the best things that happened because our family came together like never before. 7 of us crammed in my Bajas house for 5 weeks and God gave me the opportunity to spend so much time with my family, one last time before I got married. Travis and I's love grew so much during this time.  My parents were going through a rough time and this made everyone stop and appreciate each other and somehow MY problem made everyone's personal problems fall to the wayside.

Unless you have been in a serious car accident yourself, you will never understand how an event like this haunts you. I can sit at red lights and remember the smells, the screams, the cries. I am a HORRIBLE passenger and I have a phobia of taking left turns or having to rest in the turning lane. Although I was NOT on my phone, I refuse to let anyone text or talk while I am in the car. I truly remember it like it happened yesterday.

I will get off my soapbox...but REMEMBER: It does not matter how good of a driver you are, it is the other drivers on the road you should be worrying about!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Its Friday! Friday! Everyone's talkin' bout Friday....

Ok, it's Saturday but the song is stuck in my head regardless (and yours too I'm sure)...
Travis finally has a Saturday off and when he gets back from his engagement shoot he will be well aware of what our plans are today...putting together and hanging up all the goodies I bought at IKEA yesterday! See...look how excited Amelia is ;)

IKEA is so much fun! My mom and I went there yesterday because I am in desperate need of some organizational ideas. Will post pictures later! I bought my sweet baby a high chair as because she acts as if her Bumbo is a torture device...

SHE LOVES IT! We just got home from a hot car ride and my mom thought it would be a good idea to strip her to her birthday suit and let her cool off, and it was a good idea...until she peed all over the floor :/ 

I lost 4 pounds!!!!

I have been running every night for about 30 minutes and doing some form of exercise for about an hour additional each day wether it be going to the gym or living room work outs. I found Exercise TV ( channel 1431 for all the Time Warner Cable users) and it's safe to say I am OBSESSED! They have so many work outs and even have convenient 10 minute work outs that are perfect for a mid day pick me up. Once Amelia is either taking a nap or out for the count at night I choose a lengthy Yoga work out which feels amazing after a long day.  I know it has only been a week but I feel SO good! Big shout out to my husband that has been so supportive and watches the baby some mornings while I hit the gym :) LOVE YOU! 

One of my inspirations is my 94 year old neighbor, Ina (eye-na)...I know this seems crazy but she is in her yard EVERY DAY and lives on her own. She cuts her own grass, takes out her own trash, takes her (very annoying) dog on walks, etc. and I love looking outside and thinking "If she can do can I."

Here she is in action....she is just so cute! The first time I talked to her she said "Yea I have lived here for about 15 last home I lived in for 60..." and that car sitting out front....over a decade old and only has 11k miles on it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

D.I.Y "Nap Time Craft"!!!

Anyone that knows me knows I am one crafty little lady! Love them....when I was little my moms only way of punishment was to ground me from my coloring books and I remember thinking the world was going to end. Still to this day, drawing, painting and crafting are my favorite hobbies.

Last week I tackled a HUGE feat... I wanted to convert my computer desk into a craft station. Travis was on board (even after a long day after work) and after about an hour of craft station was complete!!

TA-DA!!! So nice to have a space I don't have to clean up when I am in the middle of something...

I do a few crafts a week during Amelias nap time and figured I would start sharing...aka:


The first one is EASY BREAZZZZZY: Making a centerpiece that doesn't die within a weeks time :)
I always have fresh flowers all over my house and when I saw these plants at HEB, I had to snag some up...they were $1.29 EACH PEOPLE!!! I took a vase I had laying around and planted them right in!

I was so happy with the outcome and it looks so cute on my table...if you're wondering about the third plant...well, it didn't fit. In a quick fix, I stuffed it into a wine glass I got at the Dollar Tree and I LOVED it! 

I am thinking about going back and getting a few more to maybe line three in a row on my table and find a new home for my other arrangement...we will see :)

In my last post I was so excited to show you my new hair cut that I almost forgot to mention my how else my life changed. After our photo shoot I was scrolling through the pictures and almost didn't recognize who I saw (in that hideous lipstick). This is not a "uh, I can't lose my baby weight, I am so fat" pathetic post....I AM POSTING THIS TO HOLD MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE.

Not only am I about 17 lbs away from my pre-preggy weight, but I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin and literally had a mental break down when I had to put on a bikini last weekend (ask Travis...actually don't ask him, he was so mad at me, haha). I know my body will forever be changed and actually have a way more positive outlook on my body today then I did a year ago. A woman's body is amazing and seeing what it can go through during a pregnancy is even more so. BUT I do not have to be stuck with this body.

My problem is not my diet, I swear I am a rabbit and basically survive off of veggies, soups and fruits. I could count the sodas I have in one year on my left hand...I am a health nut and always have been! The problem is exercising...

9 months before I got pregnant, I was in a horrible car accident breaking my pelvis/tailbone/sternum and doing a few internal injuries as well. I was in amazing shape, running about 15 miles a week and eating p90x for breakfast. It wasn't until after I had Amelia that I started having pains when trying to exercise from both the injuries and lack of exercise in the last year and a half. AGAIN this is NOT a pity post...I am looking for any advice of good exercises that would benefit both my soft body AND my brittle bones...other than walking- which is a no-brainer and...boring. Breast feeding isn't an option anymore, one infected nipple and a screaming mommy later- I will NEVER go down that road again.

Today was the first day of my 60 day challenge!

I went to the gym early this morning for 45 minutes and I jogged for 25 minutes (straight might I add...I was so proud!) after the baby went to sleep. I was going to do some ab exercises but Lucy decided to SHIT all over my floor and I spent the rest of the night with my steam cleaner :( still upset about it.

If you know of ANY ab exercises that would benefit me, please comment! I really need some advice! I almost cant do anything on the floor as my tailbone is on fire after a few reps.
I will keep all (7 haha) of my followers up to date on my progress...or lack there of ;)


Independence and a "Mommy hair cut"

After just watching the verdict to the Casey Anthony trial, I thought I would blog to keep from throwing up in anger >:( 

Lighter note: Yesterday was the "Fourth of July" aka Independence Day (for those who forgot, ha!). My life changed a lot yesterday, without me planning or on....

I woke up yesterday morning with the bright idea to do our very first "family shoot." Many of times we have set up the tripod and snapped pictures but have not even attempted to do so since Amelia was born (shame, shame!). She usually needs someone behind the camera singing or making her laugh to even remotely pay attention...

After a few minutes of that, she lost interest and started crying so we took turns with the camera...

Excuse my attempt of trying to be festive and wear red lipstick...I don't know what I was smoking to think that looked good hahaha. All in all, the shoot lasted less than 10 minutes and took me and hour to get ready :/.

Rule number two for Fourth of July (after wearing disgusting red lipstick...) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO GO TO THE GROCERY STORE!!! 2 hours and $90 later...I was ready to start preparing for our family get together :) The county can take away our fireworks, but they can't take away our BBQ! My parents are out of town but my in-laws are ALWAYS down to party (and babysit)..they are AMAZING! 

I am alllllllll about presentation even if my mom is coming over for a quick lunch. Not knowing the grocery store was going to take all day, I just didn't have the time to make everything "Cute." Oh well, no one (but me) really gives a shit anyways. Heres some pics of food and family fun!


Poor Darrell broke his toe before coming over and by the time he left, 2/3 of his foot was black and blue. We had to hear about it all night so I thought I would capture his poor piggy...

 It was actually earlier that day when I was straightening my hair when I had my epiphany...I have GOT to cut my hair. The summer after highschool..cough, five years ago, cough...I chopped my hair from almost hip lenth to a bob (almost 2 ft. I swear!)...and hated my life for a good 2 years (mostly because a Toni&Guy stylist name Cig convinced me to go bob..)I felt I lost all femininity and swore I would never chop my hair like that EVER again. As I was straightening my hair, I could literally hear my ends singe and crack. The last 7 in.- at least- of my hair was completely fried. Then it came to me..."Why the HELL am I holding onto this straw?! its disgusting" and I weighed out the cons:

-I am sick of wearing my hair in a bun
-I am sick of it taking hours to dry
-I am sick of having to spend an hour styling it to leave the nest
-I am SO sick of it being all over my bathroom floor
-I am sick of 3 hairs in the sink looking as if I just cleaned my brush...but most importantly..

- I am sick of Amelia pulling on it and getting it tangled around her fingers!!!

Now...there is only ONE person in the whole world that I will let come even close to my hair with scissors or color.... meet Lauren :)

She is not only an amazing hair dresser but shes sweet as pie. The type of friend that MONTHS can go by and we will pick up right where we left off. Her boyfriend Ben has been one of Travis' best friends since high school and they came over for dinner! 

IT WAS FATE! I told her that I wanted to chop my hair off and she stated "I have my scissors in the car." We tried to document the best we could....

after the first snip...

DON'T WORRY! This went to locks of love :)

Its PERFECT! Just the mommy cut I was looking for :) I feel like I should have done this years ago...seriously! (forgive my face, this was almost midnight!)
If you are looking for a change and need an amazing hair stylist, contact Lauren Inselmann @
(im obsessed!)

TOO LONG OF A POST...I am making up for lost time ;)