Tuesday, July 5, 2011

D.I.Y "Nap Time Craft"!!!

Anyone that knows me knows I am one crafty little lady! Love them....when I was little my moms only way of punishment was to ground me from my coloring books and I remember thinking the world was going to end. Still to this day, drawing, painting and crafting are my favorite hobbies.

Last week I tackled a HUGE feat... I wanted to convert my computer desk into a craft station. Travis was on board (even after a long day after work) and after about an hour of organizing...my craft station was complete!!

TA-DA!!! So nice to have a space I don't have to clean up when I am in the middle of something...

I do a few crafts a week during Amelias nap time and figured I would start sharing...aka:


The first one is EASY BREAZZZZZY: Making a centerpiece that doesn't die within a weeks time :)
I always have fresh flowers all over my house and when I saw these plants at HEB, I had to snag some up...they were $1.29 EACH PEOPLE!!! I took a vase I had laying around and planted them right in!

I was so happy with the outcome and it looks so cute on my table...if you're wondering about the third plant...well, it didn't fit. In a quick fix, I stuffed it into a wine glass I got at the Dollar Tree and I LOVED it! 

I am thinking about going back and getting a few more to maybe line three in a row on my table and find a new home for my other arrangement...we will see :)

In my last post I was so excited to show you my new hair cut that I almost forgot to mention my how else my life changed. After our photo shoot I was scrolling through the pictures and almost didn't recognize who I saw (in that hideous lipstick). This is not a "uh, I can't lose my baby weight, I am so fat" pathetic post....I AM POSTING THIS TO HOLD MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE.

Not only am I about 17 lbs away from my pre-preggy weight, but I feel so uncomfortable in my own skin and literally had a mental break down when I had to put on a bikini last weekend (ask Travis...actually don't ask him, he was so mad at me, haha). I know my body will forever be changed and actually have a way more positive outlook on my body today then I did a year ago. A woman's body is amazing and seeing what it can go through during a pregnancy is even more so. BUT I do not have to be stuck with this body.

My problem is not my diet, I swear I am a rabbit and basically survive off of veggies, soups and fruits. I could count the sodas I have in one year on my left hand...I am a health nut and always have been! The problem is exercising...

9 months before I got pregnant, I was in a horrible car accident breaking my pelvis/tailbone/sternum and doing a few internal injuries as well. I was in amazing shape, running about 15 miles a week and eating p90x for breakfast. It wasn't until after I had Amelia that I started having pains when trying to exercise from both the injuries and lack of exercise in the last year and a half. AGAIN this is NOT a pity post...I am looking for any advice of good exercises that would benefit both my soft body AND my brittle bones...other than walking- which is a no-brainer and...boring. Breast feeding isn't an option anymore, one infected nipple and a screaming mommy later- I will NEVER go down that road again.

Today was the first day of my 60 day challenge!

I went to the gym early this morning for 45 minutes and I jogged for 25 minutes (straight might I add...I was so proud!) after the baby went to sleep. I was going to do some ab exercises but Lucy decided to SHIT all over my floor and I spent the rest of the night with my steam cleaner :( still upset about it.

If you know of ANY ab exercises that would benefit me, please comment! I really need some advice! I almost cant do anything on the floor as my tailbone is on fire after a few reps.
I will keep all (7 haha) of my followers up to date on my progress...or lack there of ;)



  1. I am obsessed with that craft desk!! I see sooo many cute craft room ideas on Pinterest and I can't wait to have my own!! As far as working out goes, have you tried Zumba? You burn upwards of 1000 calories in less than an hour! I am also a yoga-holic, I think you would love it! It is not only relaxing but great for abs, lengthening, becoming lean, etc. You could grab some DVDs from Half Price Books and do them during nap time! BTW love your hair too! xo

  2. Ruthie!! I discovered yoga yesterday on Exercise TV and it has become my new nap time routine!!! I have heard amazing things about Zumba maybe I will pick up a few videos :) Is it sick that I am so flattered you read my blog because I certainly stalk yours....Thanks for the ideas!!