Saturday, July 9, 2011


Its Friday! Friday! Everyone's talkin' bout Friday....

Ok, it's Saturday but the song is stuck in my head regardless (and yours too I'm sure)...
Travis finally has a Saturday off and when he gets back from his engagement shoot he will be well aware of what our plans are today...putting together and hanging up all the goodies I bought at IKEA yesterday! See...look how excited Amelia is ;)

IKEA is so much fun! My mom and I went there yesterday because I am in desperate need of some organizational ideas. Will post pictures later! I bought my sweet baby a high chair as because she acts as if her Bumbo is a torture device...

SHE LOVES IT! We just got home from a hot car ride and my mom thought it would be a good idea to strip her to her birthday suit and let her cool off, and it was a good idea...until she peed all over the floor :/ 

I lost 4 pounds!!!!

I have been running every night for about 30 minutes and doing some form of exercise for about an hour additional each day wether it be going to the gym or living room work outs. I found Exercise TV ( channel 1431 for all the Time Warner Cable users) and it's safe to say I am OBSESSED! They have so many work outs and even have convenient 10 minute work outs that are perfect for a mid day pick me up. Once Amelia is either taking a nap or out for the count at night I choose a lengthy Yoga work out which feels amazing after a long day.  I know it has only been a week but I feel SO good! Big shout out to my husband that has been so supportive and watches the baby some mornings while I hit the gym :) LOVE YOU! 

One of my inspirations is my 94 year old neighbor, Ina (eye-na)...I know this seems crazy but she is in her yard EVERY DAY and lives on her own. She cuts her own grass, takes out her own trash, takes her (very annoying) dog on walks, etc. and I love looking outside and thinking "If she can do can I."

Here she is in action....she is just so cute! The first time I talked to her she said "Yea I have lived here for about 15 last home I lived in for 60..." and that car sitting out front....over a decade old and only has 11k miles on it!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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