Saturday, March 31, 2012

NTC: Coffee Corner

In January 2010, we bought our first home.

While this was a huge feat for two 21 year olds, our house is quite small (just under 1400 sq.ft.) and is definitely a "starter home". It had just the perfect amount of space for a newlywed couple... then we had a baby and there is absolutely not a square inch of unused space in our newly cramped home. I know A LOT of people have this problem once they have children, even in their 4000 sq.ft homes. 

We have a "galley" style kitchen (totally not ideal with a toddler) but I honestly never minded the space. The only problem was the lack of counter/cabinet space (I think the new stainless steel appliances made us blind to how little it really is). Regardless, I was forced to become very creative with organizing WAY before Pinterest existed. The first thing I did was realize there was no possible way I could dedicate an entire cabinet to all of our coffee mugs {after realizing not a day can go buy without a cup of joe} and remembered my aunt and uncle have always had their coffee mugs hanging under their cabinet.

N.T.C: Coffee Corner

-Screw hooks (I used 10 total)
- 2in x 1/2in wood (cut to the length of your liking)

First, measure the distance between the coffee cups and make sure there is going to be enough room for them to hang without any overcrowding. I hung mine around 5.5in apart. Twist in the screw hooks in the appropriate places and BAM!!! You have yourself an empty cabinet while adding personality to your kitchen!

Here's another example of my organizational skills...(ok, Ikea gets the credit for this one.) This saved SO much space in my drawers and in my spice cabinet, keeping the spices I use the most right next to the stove for easy access. I also have a little piece of mind knowing the knifes are out of my toddlers reach!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Emergency Room: A mothers worse nightmare.

Going to try and keep this post short and sweet...{yeah, right}.

Close friends got an alarming text message last night to pray for our ittybitty family as we headed to Dell Children's Hospital. While our phones were dead most of today and we have been trying our damnedest to recuperate, I figured I would squash any questions or concerns to eliminate repeating phone calls. 

On Monday, I noticed Amelia sneezing and had somewhat of a stuffy nose. She just cut a tooth so I honestly thought nothing of it. That night, she would wake up numerous times not to cry but to cough for a minute or two and would settle back into sleep. When she woke up, I noticed that her chest seemed congested...."oh great, we JUST got over this a few weeks ago". She wasn't acting that fussy but I could hear a rattle in her chest and her nose was beyond congested. When she woke up from a nap that afternoon, something was not right. She was gasping for breath...and not in a "stuffy nose" kind of way. Her little tummy was retracting so fast and hard I knew something was seriously wrong. I called the doctor immediately and got in right away. Amelia screamed the entire appointment, and for the first time in over a year, I was very aggravated with her pediatrician (who has always been great). They tested her for RSV and I was relieved when it came back negative but was annoyed they didn't address my concerns with her breathing and cough. They instead diagnosed her with an ear infection (which we later found out she didn't have) and sent us on our way with antibiotics. 

A few hours passed and her breathing was getting worse and in my deepest mommy-instinct-gut, I knew something was seriously wrong. I called my mother in law, who is nurse, to come take a look and get her opinion because I wanted to make sure I wasn't exaggerating. She noticed right away that Amelia was struggling....hard. We agreed to pack everything up and head to the hospital.

When we arrived, the front desk took her vitals and was immediately concerned. Her and Teresa (mother in law) were talking medical terms and I heard them saying her oxygen levels were pretty low and they got us set up in our own room immediately. After much crying, sticking, holding, rocking, clenching and x-raying  we finally got some answers....even if they weren't what we wanted to hear. 

They told us she had Bronchiolitis..."It's basically viral pneumonia" the doctor said.....Pneumonia? I associated that with old people who sat in the hospital after breaking a hip where they finally bit the dust.

 I believe I cried just as much as Amelia did. This was the hardest thing we had ever gone on earth did this happen so fast? She just had a stuffy nose 24 hours ago and now THIS!? I silently cried out to the Lord and begged for a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, at 3am they told us that we were being admitted and we moved into a room around 4am. The "crib" looked like a torture device and all three of us crammed on the mini fold out couch and slept until 8am when she received another breathing treatment. Seeing your precious baby hooked up to so many machines, oxygen in their nose, IV in their arm, probes on their chest and machine going off reminding you their levels are shaky is so so so so hard. Seeing her literally gasping for breath in her sleep was heartbreaking....I felt so helpless. By noon, she was finally responding to the breathing treatments and we were discharged this afternoon.

We were sent home with inhalers but ultimately, this has to run its course and may take a few weeks. She has been sleeping like a baby {pun intended} since 7:30 and her breathing seems much more normal even with the little rattle in her chest. Once she was no longer a hostage to tubes and machines, she has been back to her old self, smiling and singing...and misbehaving :)

Please keep her in your prayers, I have a feeling I have many more sleepless nights ahead....if she is sleeping or not. God truly tested our strength, patience, hope and faith in the last 24 hours but I feel like I have learned so much about myself and the strength and love our sweet little family has. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fresh fruit: the perfect centerpiece.

Having guests over and don't have time for a market run for fresh flowers? Or are you just sick of looking at the same centerpiece on your table....?

Look no further...than your fridge that is.

My grandmother has always had a luscious fruit bowl on her table as long as I can remember and has always decorated with fresh fruit. Not only is it clever but it reminds you to eat the dang thing before it rots in the bottom of your fridge drawer. 

The possibilities are endless and since you most likely (hopefully) already have fresh fruit sitting in your kitchen, give the tasty treats more bang for their buck! 

Sorry for the lack of blogging lately, but even more sorry that it was totally intentional. I have taken a much needed break from society :) (and have lost 4 lbs. since I got off Facebook. That is scary.)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

Yesterday was a tough day for me. I took a quick trip to Houston on Tuesday and not only did it feel like Amelia cried the entire 3 days we stayed, but she had a fever all day yesterday (and last night as well) and I had only had a total of 6 hours of sleep in 72 hours. On the way home, I found myself just crying in self pitty. Things had not gone my way, my feelings were crushed and I felt so defeated.

This song came on the radio not once but TWICE on TWO different Christian radio stations on the way home and for some reason it wrapped around my heart and made me feel so much better. I  thought I would share...I haven't gotten this tune out of my head since.

Let love explode and bring the dead to life
A love so bold to see a revolution somehow

Now I'm lost in your freedom
and this world I'll overcome

My God's not dead, He's surely alive
He's living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

See video here.  "My God's not dead (like a Lion)" by the Newsboys

A powerful message, just at the right time. I am so grateful.
Today is a new day!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

'There goes my life. There goes my everything...' Yes, I am talking about Facebook.

I did it again.
I deleted my facebook.

In short, I think it's just overall holding me back from getting things done not only around the house but physically as well. Every time I find a good half hour to do some crunches, I find the computer before I find my tennis shoes.

There is so much complaining and negativity on facebook and it rubs off on me sometimes. I let what other people say weigh heavy on my heart when I shouldn't. I want to break the mold of communicating strictly over the internet and have actual social interaction (does that even exist anymore?)Among other things, I am total conspiracy theory believer and think those pesky government officials are all watching our asses and taking notes.

 I want to live a simple life and make time for people and things that really matter to me. Last night I spent 3 hours crafting, just for the heck of it, and it felt good. I never have time to do those things anymore, or that's what I convince myself but I realized that if I got off of Facebook, then I would use the computer a WHOLE lot less in general making room for myself and others.
I bought some new work out DVD's today and they will be taking the place of my social stalking. When I reach my goal weight, I will reevaluate logging back in (which kinda scares me that it never is truly deleted.)

Here is to a blessed Sunday {and Jillian Michaels kicking my hiney tonight.}

Friday, March 9, 2012

This is the air I breathe.

After seeing a few other gals (Ruthie & Emily) do their "Blogger ABC's" I figured I would jump on the bandwagon in place of having nothing else to blog about :) Does this remind anyone else of those myspace bulletins you would fill out? Does anyone even have the word 'myspace' in their vocabulary??

Age and/or Anniversary: 23 :) Engaged at 19, married at 20, homeowner by 21 and mother by 22...the last few years have been a whirlwind! 

Bed size: King. And it was a whole new life.

Chocolate: No thank you. I actually hate chocolate and if I must eat it, make it white.

Dessert: I am not a big sweet person but I love flan and mouses :)

Ethnic background: I am 1/2 white and 1/2 Portuguese. My dad is from the tiny island of San Miguel, Azores Portugal and I spent every summer up until last summer {August cant come soon enough!}. I will move there some day, its my heart. 

Fear: I have no fears for myself. I am not afraid to die or of bugs but the thought of something happening to Amelia {or Travis} makes me cry on the spot.

Graduation from high school and/or college: Does 3 years of ACC count?

Instruments I play: Never in a million years.

Job title: Stay at home mommy and wife {and housekeeper, laundry service, personal chef and photographer}

Kids: The most precious human being :)

Live: Born and raised in the greatest city, Austin TX. If I move anywhere else, it will be Portugal. 

Movie: Do I have to? I hate movies....but I will watch "Mrs. Doubtfire" & "Uncle Buck" all day, errday.

Natural hair color: Dark brown. When I chopped it in July I cut off all old color {yes it was that grown out}

Overnight hospital stays:  Car accident, C-section and my gallbladder.

Pastime: Being with my family and Photography

Quote: "So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" 
-Hebrews 13:6

Right or left handed: Right. Fact: I am 99% sure Amelia is a lefty.

Siblings: Best brother in the whole wide world.

T.V. Show:  Anything on Bravo...shoot me. 

Underwear: Granny panties only. Seriously...

Vacation spot I love: Do I have to repeat "Portugal" again? I have literally been all over the world and I wouldn't 
want to be anywhere else. 

Weather right now: Miserable. My back hates me with this rain.

X-Rays:  All the freaking time. 

Yummy meal I make: I make a mean lettuce wrap stuffing. Travis recently said it was the best thing he has ever tasted :D {that is a HUGE feat considering who my husband is, Mr. Picky}

Zoo Animal: Jellyfish. I could stare at them for hours!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spicy Garlic Hummus

There is nothing worse than craving something...having it and running out before your satisfaction is met. 

Today I had just enough Hummus for only a few veggie chips {and was trying to make this my "dinner"} 
"Party foul."

I looked in the cabinet. "Chick Peas? Check. Amelia occupied? Check." For those who are completely lost in the sauce, most Hummus' main ingredient is chick peas. They are full of protein & fiber and I use them pretty often to add some depth to a salad or for...hummus. 

I have made hummus before. Some are excellent, some are misses but this one I made up was quite amazing and I thought I would share...

Spicy Garlic Hummus:
- 1 Can of chick peas (drained, save some liquid separately)
- 1to 2 tbs. Spicy brown mustard
- 1 to 2 tbs. of Lousiana hot sauce
-Fat free Ranch dressing
-1 tablespoon of minced garlic
-1/4 teaspoon of salt
-1 lemon for juice
-Crushed seasoning for topping {and specifically for this post.}
*Money $aving tip: mince your own garlic and store in baby food jar with a little water in refrigerator. So much tastier than the store bought kind and without the preservatives! 

{This picture was taken before it was made. I gave the green chiles the boot and added the ranch and lemon.}

Add all ingredients into medium mixing bowl. I used an emulsifier hand blender to mix the ingredients and it gets it silky smooth without having the extra clean-up. If you need a little more liquid after adding the Ranch, use the chick pea liquid, not water. *This recipe makes 8oz.*

Disclaimer: As I have mentioned before in my recipes, I don't ever measure and they are always on a whim {which is why I never post recipes because there are no photos. I am not that prepared.} These measurements are just a shot-in-the-dark but I hope pretty dang close. 


Go grab yourself some chips and indulge in this guiltless goodness. Give yourself a pat on the back, you just saved $3.00     :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Bangin' Tuesday


This morning, while running out the door for Amelia's doctors appointment, I got the urge to cut my bangs to be exact.

Rewind: I had side-swept bangs from about 2004-2010 and grew them out shortly after the wedding and have been bangless ever since. I always liked my hair better with a little bang but it was much easier with a baby to be able to pull all my hair up. Plus, there is no "wash and go" style with bangs, they must {unless your hair has no body} be styled. A few days ago, I cut my bangs. (you can kinda see them in this picture taken yesterday)

Not to toot my own horn, but they looked fact, I am the queen of bangs and all my cousins, my mother and a few friends let me cut their bangs on a regular basis. My styling tool?? A razor...yes, like the kind you shave your body hair with. And it always works like a shining charm. So as I was sporting my perfectly textured bangs, I kept making them just a hair hehehe shorter than the day before. I kept sweeping them across my forehead "just to see" what I would look like with a straight across bang.

So this morning, I went for it....well not exactly. See, I was going for the look easy bang that could possibly be worn straight across yet long enough to be swept to the side. I wanted them wispy and romantic. However, my razor was freakishly dull from abusing it over the weekend so I grabbed the next best thing....craft scissors?

And it was just the first snip when I knew I completely messed it up. It was a good few inches from where I wanted them to be....a good 2.5 inches above my freaking eyebrows. I immediately wanted to vomit. I admit, I am pretty vain and although I am well aware I am not the prettiest crayon in the box, I never let myself feel that way, you know? I called my mom in a panic, my voice shaking between laughing hysterically and bawling my eyes out. I looked like the girl with the dragon tattoo.


Once my mom came over and we had a good laugh, she told me to style it pin-upish with these as my inspirations:

Truth be told, I always wanted to try my hair this way but NEVER would have actually done this on purpose so maybe it happened for reason? This look is fun for now, but I know I will get tired of it pretty fast, thank goodness bangs grow ridiculously fast. 

Once they grow an inch or two, this look will be more wearable. 

And here is one without my MAC forcefield and my hair down....

ahhhh, I think its safe to say every time I change my hair, it's drastic and never subtle. 

Have YOU ever done something like this? What was the most drastic change you made in your hairstyle?!?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sugar and Snot: What a little girl's not...

"I wish I was in your place to take away your pain..."

My mother always said it. I'm sure your mother always said it. But now I am saying it...and meaning it.
Amelia came down with a fever yesterday morning and has been running a temp. ever since. Not only that but she is fussy as all get out, sneezing and the only source of food going into her teeny body is snot {yes, I said it.} Travis and I maybe got a few hours of sleep last night between being worried and her waking up and kicking us in the face {after we finally put her in our bed}. Today has been no better and every time I look down and see those glassy eyes with dark circles underneath, I truly want from the bottom of my heart to be in her place. 

Having a sick baby is the pits. Yet this is Amelia's first time to be really sick like this...I guess we had a good 13 month run without any unnecessary doctor visits.

For those who are wondering what the huge beetle on her forehead is: that would be the greatest invention of all time. They are called Fever-bugz. It's a stick on thermometer {that can stay on up to 48 hours!} and the readings are dead on. They read 99º, 101º, 103º and 105º and "Normal". If the temp is somewhere in between, numerous ones "light up" such as 99º and 101º for a 100º temp {trust me, every time I took her temperature it was astonishingly accurate}. And surprisingly, they don't bother her one bit and it sure as hell beats having to stick a thermometer where the sun don't shine...

You can buy these bad boys at your local pharmacy :)

Now onto something a little more uplifting....

Here are some of Amelia's 12 month pictures taken in Ocean Springs, MS...Can't wait to see that smile again. 


And a sneak peak from our Ocean Springs adventures: The beach. Where the birds fly low and the sand is least to a one year old.

As for my health update: Went to a GI specialist yesterday and did a slew of blood work and after doing a complete colon flush {there goes that T.M.I} I feel much better but still have some pinching pains in my lower abdomen when I make certain movements. The doc questions a thyroid problem {which would cause chronic constipation, weight gain, water retention among other things} and will be doing an abdominal x-ray in the near future. Please keep me in your prayers :)

Everyone have a fabulously safe weekend!