Sunday, March 11, 2012

'There goes my life. There goes my everything...' Yes, I am talking about Facebook.

I did it again.
I deleted my facebook.

In short, I think it's just overall holding me back from getting things done not only around the house but physically as well. Every time I find a good half hour to do some crunches, I find the computer before I find my tennis shoes.

There is so much complaining and negativity on facebook and it rubs off on me sometimes. I let what other people say weigh heavy on my heart when I shouldn't. I want to break the mold of communicating strictly over the internet and have actual social interaction (does that even exist anymore?)Among other things, I am total conspiracy theory believer and think those pesky government officials are all watching our asses and taking notes.

 I want to live a simple life and make time for people and things that really matter to me. Last night I spent 3 hours crafting, just for the heck of it, and it felt good. I never have time to do those things anymore, or that's what I convince myself but I realized that if I got off of Facebook, then I would use the computer a WHOLE lot less in general making room for myself and others.
I bought some new work out DVD's today and they will be taking the place of my social stalking. When I reach my goal weight, I will reevaluate logging back in (which kinda scares me that it never is truly deleted.)

Here is to a blessed Sunday {and Jillian Michaels kicking my hiney tonight.}

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