Saturday, March 31, 2012

NTC: Coffee Corner

In January 2010, we bought our first home.

While this was a huge feat for two 21 year olds, our house is quite small (just under 1400 sq.ft.) and is definitely a "starter home". It had just the perfect amount of space for a newlywed couple... then we had a baby and there is absolutely not a square inch of unused space in our newly cramped home. I know A LOT of people have this problem once they have children, even in their 4000 sq.ft homes. 

We have a "galley" style kitchen (totally not ideal with a toddler) but I honestly never minded the space. The only problem was the lack of counter/cabinet space (I think the new stainless steel appliances made us blind to how little it really is). Regardless, I was forced to become very creative with organizing WAY before Pinterest existed. The first thing I did was realize there was no possible way I could dedicate an entire cabinet to all of our coffee mugs {after realizing not a day can go buy without a cup of joe} and remembered my aunt and uncle have always had their coffee mugs hanging under their cabinet.

N.T.C: Coffee Corner

-Screw hooks (I used 10 total)
- 2in x 1/2in wood (cut to the length of your liking)

First, measure the distance between the coffee cups and make sure there is going to be enough room for them to hang without any overcrowding. I hung mine around 5.5in apart. Twist in the screw hooks in the appropriate places and BAM!!! You have yourself an empty cabinet while adding personality to your kitchen!

Here's another example of my organizational skills...(ok, Ikea gets the credit for this one.) This saved SO much space in my drawers and in my spice cabinet, keeping the spices I use the most right next to the stove for easy access. I also have a little piece of mind knowing the knifes are out of my toddlers reach!

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