Monday, March 5, 2012

Bangin' Tuesday


This morning, while running out the door for Amelia's doctors appointment, I got the urge to cut my bangs to be exact.

Rewind: I had side-swept bangs from about 2004-2010 and grew them out shortly after the wedding and have been bangless ever since. I always liked my hair better with a little bang but it was much easier with a baby to be able to pull all my hair up. Plus, there is no "wash and go" style with bangs, they must {unless your hair has no body} be styled. A few days ago, I cut my bangs. (you can kinda see them in this picture taken yesterday)

Not to toot my own horn, but they looked fact, I am the queen of bangs and all my cousins, my mother and a few friends let me cut their bangs on a regular basis. My styling tool?? A razor...yes, like the kind you shave your body hair with. And it always works like a shining charm. So as I was sporting my perfectly textured bangs, I kept making them just a hair hehehe shorter than the day before. I kept sweeping them across my forehead "just to see" what I would look like with a straight across bang.

So this morning, I went for it....well not exactly. See, I was going for the look easy bang that could possibly be worn straight across yet long enough to be swept to the side. I wanted them wispy and romantic. However, my razor was freakishly dull from abusing it over the weekend so I grabbed the next best thing....craft scissors?

And it was just the first snip when I knew I completely messed it up. It was a good few inches from where I wanted them to be....a good 2.5 inches above my freaking eyebrows. I immediately wanted to vomit. I admit, I am pretty vain and although I am well aware I am not the prettiest crayon in the box, I never let myself feel that way, you know? I called my mom in a panic, my voice shaking between laughing hysterically and bawling my eyes out. I looked like the girl with the dragon tattoo.


Once my mom came over and we had a good laugh, she told me to style it pin-upish with these as my inspirations:

Truth be told, I always wanted to try my hair this way but NEVER would have actually done this on purpose so maybe it happened for reason? This look is fun for now, but I know I will get tired of it pretty fast, thank goodness bangs grow ridiculously fast. 

Once they grow an inch or two, this look will be more wearable. 

And here is one without my MAC forcefield and my hair down....

ahhhh, I think its safe to say every time I change my hair, it's drastic and never subtle. 

Have YOU ever done something like this? What was the most drastic change you made in your hairstyle?!?

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  1. You look like Audrey Hepburn!!! I think they look great on you....I hope you are feeling better bc you're the best MOH in town :)!