Friday, March 2, 2012

Sugar and Snot: What a little girl's not...

"I wish I was in your place to take away your pain..."

My mother always said it. I'm sure your mother always said it. But now I am saying it...and meaning it.
Amelia came down with a fever yesterday morning and has been running a temp. ever since. Not only that but she is fussy as all get out, sneezing and the only source of food going into her teeny body is snot {yes, I said it.} Travis and I maybe got a few hours of sleep last night between being worried and her waking up and kicking us in the face {after we finally put her in our bed}. Today has been no better and every time I look down and see those glassy eyes with dark circles underneath, I truly want from the bottom of my heart to be in her place. 

Having a sick baby is the pits. Yet this is Amelia's first time to be really sick like this...I guess we had a good 13 month run without any unnecessary doctor visits.

For those who are wondering what the huge beetle on her forehead is: that would be the greatest invention of all time. They are called Fever-bugz. It's a stick on thermometer {that can stay on up to 48 hours!} and the readings are dead on. They read 99º, 101º, 103º and 105º and "Normal". If the temp is somewhere in between, numerous ones "light up" such as 99º and 101º for a 100º temp {trust me, every time I took her temperature it was astonishingly accurate}. And surprisingly, they don't bother her one bit and it sure as hell beats having to stick a thermometer where the sun don't shine...

You can buy these bad boys at your local pharmacy :)

Now onto something a little more uplifting....

Here are some of Amelia's 12 month pictures taken in Ocean Springs, MS...Can't wait to see that smile again. 


And a sneak peak from our Ocean Springs adventures: The beach. Where the birds fly low and the sand is least to a one year old.

As for my health update: Went to a GI specialist yesterday and did a slew of blood work and after doing a complete colon flush {there goes that T.M.I} I feel much better but still have some pinching pains in my lower abdomen when I make certain movements. The doc questions a thyroid problem {which would cause chronic constipation, weight gain, water retention among other things} and will be doing an abdominal x-ray in the near future. Please keep me in your prayers :)

Everyone have a fabulously safe weekend!

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