Monday, July 30, 2012


Explanation of absence: Truth be told, part of me really wanted this blog to be a personal diary yet be read by hundreds all at the same time. Writing was always an outlet for me since adolescence and I hold this blog, which is a disaster in progress, close to my heart. I always found it an insult when no one would read what I thought "was a great post" and very stupidly let it take a beating to my ego. Our generation is all about wanting to be seen, heard, commented on...which is why we are constantly taking pictures of all sorts of personal and posting them for everyone to see, no?

Many blogs have hundreds, some even THOUSANDS of "followers" and I was always dissapointed that what my blog clearly doesn't appeal to the masses (even though 95% of blogs are about family, crafting and food...and are almost all identical). About three months ago, I logged into this blog with every intention of deleting it. Without repeating with everything I just said, I also don't have time to nurture this blog as I intended. I have a husband and child that seem to need every ounce of my time and the spare time I do have to myself, I didn't want to be taking pictures, editing and writing posts that obviously weren't going to be read. When I finally got the courage to press the "delete blog" button, my gut sank. I just couldn't bring myself to do it...which is how I knew that maybe it really doesn't bother me if only my mom and grandmother read this...and maybe I really do enjoy sharing my thoughts.

Now that I got that off my chest, life has been ridiculously hectic:

-In May we took a bachelorette cruise. It was one of the best vacations of my life and ironically we were all "strangers" who had never been around one another {not to mention 5 women sharing one tiny cabin with only two electrical outlets}. We had a blast {pictures to come soon, I SWEAR...the girls have been on my booty!}

- The first weeks of June were dedicated to my husbands benefit supporting his Africa trip. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has prayed, donated and supported Travis during this adventure.

-My best friend Chelsea got married two weeks ago and I had been spending many nap times and late nights crafting things for her big day...Check out our website to peep her wedding!

-And last but not least, tomorrow Travis leaves for Africa. Getting ready for his trip has been so exhausting mentally. On top of that, after I drop him off at the airport, I am heading to Mississipi to stay with my mom until my entire family flies to the Azores on the 12th. Packing for a toddler for an international trip has not been an easy task...think strollers, car seats and toys.

I figured instead of giving "half-ass" blog posts, I would take a hiatus until I had time to sit down and create something I wanted to talk about.

When I get home, it is a promise to myself {and devoted readers, mom & grandma} to give this blog some new life.

See you in September, folks!


  1. Just wanted you to know that I read you blog! I like to catch up on Little Nina and her beautiful family and also like the crafts you try out. Just wanted you to know Angie and Baja are not the only ones that stalk you :-). Have a great vacation!!!

    1. This is Lacey by the way. Not sure why it didn't post my name