Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Plastic Baggy Paint Prints

If you have kiddos {or Pinterest for that matter} there is no doubt that the "no mess painting" has caught your eye.

This activity is essentially putting paint into a plastic baggy and taping it to the table. Toddlers can use their fingers to move the paint around to "paint" without a mess. at. all. Yes, it is a splendid idea and Amelia liked it quite a bit....for 2 minutes. The only downside is that although this is a really awesome idea, the colors blended very quickly and once they do all the "painting" their little fingers could handle, it's rather boring...at least to a 15 month old who has zero attention span.

No Mess Painting Prints:

 I initially threw the baggy away but almost immediately took it out of the trash and tore it open so the baggy laid flat. I took out four sheets of white computer paper and stamped the bag paint side down to create a "print". They turned out SO cool! *One baggy stamped 4 sheets of paper.*

I hung them on the fridge to dry and sent them via snail mail to grandparents today.

Once I got on Pinterest {the one and only} today to find the original link, I stumbled across a few other mommas who had the same idea, only they put the paper IN the bag...maybe we will try that next time!

This is a fun project and I know our loved ones will love saving some of her first masterpieces :)

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  1. Seriously just went through and caught myself up on all your blogs! Love your makeup Monday! Great advice. I too suffer from extreme dry skin. So glad miss Amelia is doing well now. Will be tuning in more often. Much love!