Saturday, April 21, 2012

BRB Goes to Prom!

Today, I realized how fast time has gotten away from us. When you would annoyingly hear your parents talk about how fast time would fly you never really understood until you are in fact an adult yourself. My little baby cousin, BRB is having her prom tonight. 
Quick explanation: My cousin Courtney and I grew up EXTREMELY close, living only streets away from each other. When I was seven years old, our little annoying shadow was born...Casey. She would interrupt our "adult" make believe games and we constantly would convince her that Barney was downstairs and "to go check on him." Low and behold, we nicknamed this little toot BRB- brat rat baby and for years she had no real reason what it meant. Now the rock in my shoe is off to prom. And I simply can't believe it. 

She is truly like my little sister and I love her so much. 

She came to me a few months ago and asked if I would do her hair and make up for prom and I have been excited ever since! She originally told me that she wanted to do a french maid braid across her head but luckily I convinced her that everyone was going to be sporting that this season (and I was right) and we could incorporate the braids somewhere else. 

And I did a dang good job. For not doing this on a daily basis (and how hard updo's are) I was pretty impressed with myself and you would be too if you knew how much hair this chick has....thick as molasses and down to her hip bones. 

I did some peek a boo inside-out french braids on the side of her head

She wanted her make up to be very light and natural but noticeable as well {she clearly doesn't need much} and I think we hit the nail on the head!

"I love you Case!!! Don't do anything I WOULD do" :) 

 My brother in law also went to prom tonight and I will share some of those photos this next week!

Hope you are all having a blessed weekend!


  1. Amazing!! She looks SO GOOD! Her hair is basically a work of art - I know she is thankful she has you :) Can you come live with me and do my hair and make-up every day?

  2. Great job, Neens!!! Her makeup is FLAWLESS. Such a pretty girl. What color was her dress? I can't believe it's PROM season already.

    Slow the fork down, time. GEEZ!

  3. Awwww C-A-S-E-Y gooooo Casey is so grown up! Her hair and makeup looked flawless on her!! So pretty:)

  4. NINA! OMG the updo! You are so talented it is INSANE!