Monday, April 23, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Foundation

As promised, I will be talking about foundations today!

[insert photo where I feel my skin looks good]

Having flawless skin is the first and most important step in looking....flawless.

First and foremost, everyone's skin is different. Skins take differently to different brands, different types of mediums, different brushes...I unfortunately (or fortunately if you are looking from an oily gals stand point) have very VERY dry skin. I have chronic dandruff (totally not ashamed anymore, I rock my snow capped sleeves), eczema, horrible sun spots and literally have to bathe in vaseline to stay somewhat from looking like an alligator. Yes, that dry...On top of that, I was diagnosed with Rosacea in sixth grade. Although I haven't had it as bad in my adulthood, heat, stress and alcohol definitely trigger an outbreak and I am "that girl" at the party with a bright red face with only one glass of wine under my belt {which is also how I never got away with drinking in my teens}.

With that being said, I am one of the lucky ones that have never suffered from acne and in fact had only had two real pimples before I had my daughter (and then somehow have had another handful in the last 15 months). It's pretty often that I am stopped by a stranger and complimented on my skin and I always tell them that I use the rinky dink cheapo Walgreens make up.

Make-Up Monday:

Below is my foundation routine:

Step 1- Moisturize: 10 minutes prior to putting my make up on, I put a thin layer of refined coconut oil on my face. This not only helps my make up go on like butta (butter) but it also helps the cause I mentioned above. Even if you are more oily, I highly suggest using some type of moisturizer before applying make up.

Step 2- Prime: This step is only for "nights out" or special occasions. But if you suffer from acne or something of the sorts, it's not a bad idea to add a primer to your make up routine. This makes everything go on so margarine (I didn't want to use butter again?). A yellow or light green primer color {don't be scared!) will eliminate redness from your skin to have better coverage from your foundation. **If you are having pictures taken where a flash will be used, try to avoid a primer that has light reflecting elements. This will make your skin appear funky and shiny in photos {like wearing a shirt you swear is not see-through and then seeing your undies front&center on facebook}

Step 3- Apply: As you can see from the picture above, I have my fair share of foundations and powders. Finding the one that best fits your skin type and doesn't feel like glue sticking to your face is hard. Finding one that matches your skin perfectly...."forgetta'bout it".  It took me a few years of trying a few different brands buying what was on sale to find my match made in heaven. Now everyone has their own application techniques....all of which I have tried but currently just use my straight up fingers to apply my foundation. I find it goes on more evenly that way...however if I need good coverage, I might use a sponge or brush.

Step 4-Seal: I finish off my look with a colorless powder that I believe "sets" everything. Not an important step, but I never feel out-the-door ready without it!

How to make your own concealer:
Truth be told: I did this little experiment a few weeks back because I could not find my (almost white) concealer stick. In a pinch (it was date night!) I crushed up some broken powder and then mixed in cocoa lotion and coconut oil. It took awhile to get a nice consistency but this is the best concealer I have ever used. It appears to be clumpy in the photo but in reality it is like mouse. If you have beloved broken powder bits in your make up bag, do not discard!

For those concerned about my obscene use of coconut oil: It is true. I use this stuff for cooking, deep conditioner, and moisturizer. Read all about its benefits here. 

Please visit my last post to see my cousin Caseys hair and make up I did for her prom :)

Here is to a flawless week ;)

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