Monday, April 16, 2012

Lately: we can finally breathe again.

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That pretty much sums up life lately. 
After Amelia's hospital stay (where I now realized I said "worse" and not "worst" in the title. I blame exhaustion.) she had a relapse exactly a week later putting us back into a hospital bed for two days....we were living in the twilight zone, I couldn't believe we were there again. We got out just in time to hunt a few eggs for Easter but quite honestly she (and by she, I mean we) has been quarantined in the house ever since. I am on house arrest for the pure fact that I am scared to go out and about and potentially pick up something else to set her into another wheezing spiral....especially since we are still on the mend- and will be for a few weeks. Breathing treatments have been working great this time around and although she still has a gnarly cough, she is definitely getting breathing and feeling better. 

This obviously isn't a very interesting read but I wanted to defend my blogging absence (as if anyone noticed, HA!). With being a 24 hour care taking nebulizer, it is a photographers shooting season and we have been consumed with editing and shooting in the evenings... OH and on that note, we have an official website! Please visit {not to mention we just posted a killer wedding!} and I will be doing a photo shoot give away soon!! 

I will be posting tonight as well for my new "Make up Monday" experiment :)

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