Monday, April 16, 2012

Make-Up Monday: Lipstick is for everyone.

This is the first post of my new project....Make-Up Monday!!

I am so far from a make-up artist {and clearly not a hair stylist either, do not judge my bangs}, but I LOVE make up and it has always been a creative outlet for me. I have been doing my friends' hair and make up for years....for middle school dances, homecomings and special occasions and in fact, I am doing my cousins hair and make up for prom this week!

What sets me apart from the posts you find on Pinterest {other than their perfectly photoshopped white eyeballs and trimmed eye brows} is that all of my make up (well okay, 90%) is found at your local drug store and under $5.00. Having "cheap" make-up is not an excuse for not looking top notch, and I promise I can show you techniques to step up your game ;) (eye shadow for lips, liner for brows, baby powder for foundation...). I come from a long line of make-up grandmother being one of them...even at 70 years old, she still knows how to rock a blue liner.

This week:

While most gals nowadays steer clear of the lipstick section at Walgreens, DO NOT BE AFRAID. Yes, bold colors can be daunting but start by buying an inexpensive brand (wet n' wild are in deed my favorite and the most moisturizing and only $.93). Typically there are rules to what color best suits you but I say forget everything you have heard and just try them yourself. There are pros to wearing lipsticks too...they last longer on your lips than gloss, aren't nearly as sticky, and they come in a zillion different shades.

If you wear lipstick you MUST stick to one rule {for the sake of humanity, please} Downplay every other feature on your face. Wearing tons of top AND bottom liner, blush, and lipstick only makes you look like a  two dollar hooker. This goes for all make can certainly try lots of trends (neon lips, pink cheeks, bold brows) if you only make one {and ONE only) feature stand out. 

I took every lipstick I had out of my vanity and awkwardly let my husband take photos of me in every shade for the sake of this blog post...

Before you start, put a thin layer of base over your lips. This will help the color stick and STAY on your lips for longer wear. Next, apply lip liner to your lips in either a nude or color that is close to your lipstick. {I always wear nude}



Products in order:
-Wet N' Wild: Coral Crush 516C
-Wet N' Wile: Violet Shine 319B
-Maybelline: Go Currant E440
-N.Y.C: Retro Red 308B
-L'Oreal: Fairest Nude 800

Reds and corals are fun to wear every now and again, but Fairest Nude is my every day shade (where I added a tad bit of blush)...along with every day expressions.

There are lip stains too, which are "all the rage" but I personally am not a fan. They feel like melted crayon on your lips and I don't like committing to one color for such a long period...

Believe it or not, not one single use of photoshop was used for these photos. Next week, I am diving into foundations, concealers and powders...and how to make your own :)

 Now go out and buy a lipstick and wear it more than once before you throw it away, it takes some getting use to... this is what being female is all about!!

Here's to a great {and hopefully more colorful} week!


  1. okay Nina...I just added lipstick to my grocery list!!!

    1. Yay!! Everyone should own at least ONE lipstick :)

  2. You are so beautiful!!!! that's

  3. I know this wasn't supposed to be what the post is about----but your bangs are looking good!!!! Also I love the lipstick ideas! So pretty:)