Wednesday, February 1, 2012

N.T.C: Wooden Welcome "Wreath"

I am one of those annoying people that has to have something on my front door, typically a wreath. A few weeks ago I found this perfect piece of wood, an old broken fence post, on a stroller walk on the side of the road {I guess that makes me one of those people too..} and threw it in the basket thinking I could find a perfect craft for it. 

Which left me to my latest nap time craft :)

N.T.C: Wooden Welcome "Wreath"

-Wooden Board
-Paint (I used an interior paint sample)

To make the big flower on the left: 

1) Cut out circles (size is up to you but make them all the same)
2) Put a good size amount of hot glue in the center
3)Squeeze together to make the three leaf clover shape and hold for 8-10 seconds
4) Cut out felt leaves beforehand if you wish and put those down before you start gluing the flower
5) I used 9 of these "petals" and you just glue them all together directly on the wood

Glue string onto the board and add jewels where needed. Paint whatever you want onto the board. I didn't trace the letter because I was in a hurry but wish I would have because the off centeredness totally bothers me. I was thinking about putting "Welcome" or something like that but thought I would just plaster our identities on our front door instead.

easy. peasy :)

This took me about 30 minutes with the felt work taking up the majority of my precious nap time. I think it turned out SO cute and I LOVE it. Plus it can stay up all year round!

Do YOU have any cool front door decor?!