Tuesday, February 7, 2012


There is nothing better to me than whipping out one of the many photo albums sitting on my parents book shelf and looking at old photos. I have always LOVED, even as a child, looking at photographs {speaking of- I wonder if that has anything to do with my passion for photography?}. I always wanted to take all of my favorite pictures and scan/print them but never even got past the idea when I would think of the time and effort that took. 

When I got to Mississippi, once again, I pulled out the good ol' photo albums....and then I got the bright idea to take pictures of the pictures :) 

In the past, the best part of looking through photo albums was the nostalgia of it all; remembering "that outfit" or "that wallpaper".  Now looking through photo albums, the best part is seeing how much Amelia looks like me. I see certain facial expressions that she makes and in milliseconds, my brain is bouncing back to some of these old photos where I am making that same cheese. If only baby A had a head full of hair....

1988 was the year I was born, hard to believe I have a child of my own and making our own memories. 

Most of these are of my brother and I. I remember him being OBSESSED with me, always checking on me and making sure I was safe at all times. Every time a commercial would come on the TV, I remember him asking EVERY SINLGE TIME "Nina do you want that? I can tell santa to bring it to you for Christmas alwite?" Without a doubt it is the relationship I have with my brother, my very best friend, that convinces me to have just one more child so Amelia can experience that same friendship. 

Taking a trip down memory lane:

My dad is the little tyke on the right...this is his ONLY childhood photo. 

My great grandmother that raised my dad...who happens to be the lady sweet Amelia was named after.

coloring books and patent leather shoes=love.

Nuno's first birthday but most importantly, the day mom found out I was gestating hahah. 

Amelia is sooooo my child! Team Icing. 

my beautiful mama. 

me and my baja :)

Ahhh, back to reality. 
Today was the most relaxing and beautiful day here yet. We took Amelia to the park, grocery store, played outside....and surprisingly my mom figured out how to use the camera and took some decent shots of us...

Tomorrow I will be sharing our Mardi Gras experience and all the crazies that come out for the purple, green and yellow!

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