Saturday, February 4, 2012

ocean springs: the little things.

Many know that my parents and brohan moved to Ocean Springs, MS last June. And before you start thinking your stereotypical thoughts about Mississippi....don't.

This has to be THE coolest town {next to Austin} ever. There are tons of boutiques, quaint restaurants and bars, the people are ridiculously friendly and to top off the ice cream Sundae its a HUGE art town....this is my kinda place! The cherry on top (who doesn't top their Sundaes twice?) The beach...which just so happens to be blocks from my parents home. This town reminds me of "Fredricksburg meets Taylor meets Destin,Fl meets Terry Town" if that makes any sense at all. The clean white beaches and upscale boutiques don't overshadow the old school charm but yet there is brand spanking new developments just minutes away {thank God for Target}. If you ever are looking for a cool place to visit, this is it!

I come stay with my parents for a few weeks at a time to take a break from life but also because I just love being here. Moss grows like weeds (is moss a weed??) and the weather has been perfect my whole trip! The husband will arrive in two weeks to pick me up {and I am missing my other half dearly}. Here are just some "phone" pictures from the last week:

"Walk with God and you will always have good company"

Today we hit up the Mardi Gras parade and let me tell you...these people treat this like Christmas! The majority of people have wreaths on their door, decorations on their porch and businesses even close! The parade was fun and I got some great photos, look out for that post soon!

Have a safe and fun weekend folks! I think there is a big game going on this weekend?? Not too sure ;)

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  1. I definitely want to visit. It looks like a delightful little town.
    Enjoy the rest of your visit. Love you all dearly.