Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amelia's Birthday Party: Tea Party Recap!

Amelia's birthday party last Sunday was a smash hit! I was so excited that so many people came and felt overwhelmed with the amount of love in the room. So many people traveled from afar {mississippi, lexington, college station, san marcos} I couldn't believe so many people made such an effort to make it and Amelia was filled with so much joy. 


As I mentioned a few months ago, we went with a tea party theme. Almost no one actually drank the tea but HEY, that doesn't make it a failure does it? I think her outfit turned out pretty cute even though it didn't stay on too long. And look at that, I actually followed through with making that stinking tutu
I will admit, without my mom there is NO WAY this would have been so great. She showed up that morning with a helium tank and balloons, stayed until midnight the night before rolling out sausage balls and was at my every beck and call when I was under the weather. Where would we be without our mamas?


Here are some of the decorations {very little haha}. I filled teapots and baby food jars with the cheapest flowers you can find: babies breath and carnations but I happen to think they are the prettiest :) I made the tissue pom poms from this tutorial. They were SUPER easy but time consuming. 


Other than the "Tea Bar" we had a punch bowl, homemade ice tea and water. We had tea sandwhiches {cucumber/cream cheese...amazing & chicken salad}, cupcakes {which I worked so hard at and no one ate...I am just going to think they were too pretty and people were scurred hahah}, fruit salad, grapes, sausage balls, date pin wheel cookies and the smash hit: CAKE BALLS. 

*I am forever indebted to Ashley for coming over the day before and helping me with everything and making the cake balls too. Maybe if we bother her enough, she will do a tutorial on her scrumptious creation! Make sure to visit her blog to see some amazing recipes, she is a queen in kitchen lately!


And here are some snap shots from the memorable day....the camera got passed around and multiple people took photos {Elizabeth is a secret photographer in the making, I decided!}. Amelia took a snooze  right before we opened gifts so I had two other little helpers, shout out to Issi and Kylie!

**Thank you Uncle Tanner for making cotton candy for all the tots, it was a huge hit! I think I have the sweetest brother in law ever. I am so lucky**

Not sure why but I am madly in love with this photo :)

I would be scared too if daddy was eating my face!

Seriously, how cute is this vest? I want one in my size. 

Thank you to everyone that came! God has blessed us with the most amazing friends and family. I will say the worst part of throwing a party is not being able to talk one on one with everyone you haven't seen in ages. I look forward to seeing everyone again- not playing party host :)

Amelia had an amazing day and was POOPED and in bed by 7pm. She got so many wonderful gifts {even though I told everyone this stinker was fine without!} and has had so much fun exploring her new toys. Thanks again everyone for coming and making her first birthday bash a success because I would have had a mental break down if it was anything but ;)

Question blogreaders: Would y'all be interested in a tutorial on the chocolate accents to the cupcakes or is that totally lame and boring? Super easy and makes the perfect accessory to your sweet treat! Let a mama know :)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week!


  1. This is a beautiful party Nina! You did such a great job and Amelia is gorgeous!

  2. Wow! What a gorgeous party! Your food and decorations were so cute :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, it's nice to know I am not the only one who has mom guilt!

  3. Wish I could have been there....you and your Mom should definitely go into event planning businesses....weddings....showers....birthdays....Christmas parties.....they would be perfect down to the tiniest detail!