Wednesday, January 18, 2012

playing catch up.

This post is long over due but I have been busy with that  Every night I lay my head down and think "SHOOT! ANOTHER NIGHT I TOTALLY FORGOT TO BLOG!"

Totally kidding, life has been far to busy to even think before I go to sleep.

FIRST OFF: MY CHILD IS WALKING. It's true...I have never been so proud and so scarred, ha! She's a determined little booger.

I made this onsie for Amelias birthday outfit...thought it turned out pretty cute considering it was just a plain white onsie? (please agree with me...?) I have this idea to make a matching purple tutu...stay tuned.

On Monday Amelia had a playdate with her new playmate miss Averi. It was the first time for the mommies to hang out too and it went super well! So good that we got together again today (thank goodness for new mommy friends!). We had lunch, chatted, napped (not us, the babies.), and went to the park. This was not just an ordinary park trip...this was Averi's FIRST SWING RIDE. So glad that Amelia got to show her the ropes ;). Here are some pictures from today:


We ended the night with bath time...where daddy gave gave Amelia a mohawk. 

That's all for now! Will blog my tutu tutorial once (and if) I actually make it :) 

Oh, and my husband is cute and so are my grandparents. 

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