Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tea Time

Sorry I didn't follow through with my promise of the felt flower tutorial :( I know you were all just ITCHING with anticipation hahaha...

Travis had the computer all weekend and unfortunately the camera as well and had to shoot over the card with my pictures on it. Re-do will be sometime this week :) 

Until then, here are the handmade homemade invitations for my sweet Amelias first birthday:

My mother in law has a Cricket and it's AMAZING. Pure happiness flows from my veins when I get to use it. We simply just cut out the tea pot from scrapbook paper and glued them to pre-cut card stock. She had all the materials ( as she should with TWO whole rooms dedicated to crafting) and the wording was made through Photoshop and printed on regular paper. They are all different which I love.  Just like my baby shower (going to do an entire post dedicated to its amazingness) I don't want the party atmosphere to scream "A pink princes puked in here" and am leaning more towards classy and timeless and I wanted the invites to reflect that.  I adorned the invites with some bling, naturally and when they finally were popped into the mailbox I was notified that I am still stuck in 2011...oops.

Most everything will be homemade from the favors to the decorations so I am excited to share (and spare my wallet) with you what I come up with!

I can't believe this stinker is almost one, I am reminded how precious time truly is and to soak up every single screaming, smiling, whining, loving second...

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