Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Shower Recap!

Ahhh Monday. Unlike corporate America, I usually happen to love Mondays...except today.

This isn't just any other Monday folks, today marks Amelia's birthday week. I wish I could say it is "bittersweet" but I am really just plain ol' bitter about her getting older. It seemed like yesterday I found out I was pregnant and the day I gave birth is still so fresh in my mind. However months 2-8 are a big blur, I can't seem to figure out when the heck she grew up (I have cried umpteen times the last few days about this...ask the mister.)

In honor of my princess I will be dedicating the next week's worth of blog posts to all things Amelia :)

Starting with my 
Baby Shower Recap:

I knew that whoever hosted my baby shower  was going to have a list full of "don'ts". I just am not into the typical "cutesie, pink balloons, barbie puke" baby showers. I wanted it to be a sophisticated get together for all my family and friends. I remember feeling so beautiful. I loved my outfit (which I found the day before for a total of $6) and truly had that "pregnancy glow" goin' on. My mom used dried flowers from my wedding to make my boutonnière and it was stunning. 

"I don't want streamers, balloons, confetti on the tables, plastic table cloths, 'drinks in the cooler' type of party" I remember telling my mom. "I just want it to be elegant." We chose the most appropriate place we could: a wine bar on sixth street. While this may seem bogus to most of you, our very dear family friends own it and the vibe inside is exactly what I was looking for. If you are looking for a low key get together for any type of function, you have to check out Cork & Co. downtown. 

We kept the decorations to a minimum, simple pink rose flower arrangements adorned the tables and let the beautiful ambiance speak for itself. The food was amazing and the cupcakes and cake will forever be an inside joke between me and my family (the girl did a great job but she made "me" about 100 lbs bigger than we asked hahah!)

We had quite the turn out and everyone that I wanted there was there. I couldn't have asked for a better day. I remember every single detail and all the hard work Lisa, Chelsea, Courtney and my mom did for this beautiful occasion to come together. 

my mom and mother in law

sweet baja. 

These two ladies are the hardest part of being a stay at home mom. I miss seeing them every single day and really took advantage of getting to hang out with two best friends every day (and didn't realize how much "work" was actually my social life). A few days after I gave birth, Stacy (left) found out she was preggy!

Last but not least, when the shower was over and I finally went outside, there was this by the front door greeting all the guest (I arrived through the back and hadn't seen it!). It was so cute and such a good idea. The rocking chair was a gift from my moms good friend and I have sat in it every day since!

tomorrow, I am going to take a dip into pregnancy....stay tuned ladies!

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  1. That was such a great day! You looked gorgeous:) can't wait until this weekend!! Congrats on your first year of being an awesome mom!! Love you