Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grocery Store DO's & DON'TS

I have a serious love/hate relationship with the grocery store.

I love going because it gets me out of the house (for potential adult interaction, gasp!), Amelia LOVES going and stocking my fridge is always a plus.

With that being said, the grocery store is where I always see the worst in people. It is the place where I am reminded that frankly no one gives a rats ass about anyone but themselves. People will bump into your cart without an "excuse me", just about run you over in the isle without any regard, speed up in the parking lot so you don't have enough time to cross...the list goes on and on. And while this is the perfect opportunity to vent about how people suck now days, I am so glad I don't act this way...towards ANYONE.

The one rule I live my life by, ALWAYS, is to love thy neighbor. I smile at every single person I make eye contact with, wether it be on a walk or in the mall. Cue the sappy quote "you never know that your smile might be the only smile someone gets today." I will go out of my way to hold the door for someone who clearly needs help because as children of God, THAT IS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO DO. Please don't mistake me for tooting my own horn or bragging, I am beyond far from perfect however I will never understand how we as humans are so mean to one another...for no reason at all.

Below is my grocery store etiquette :)

- ALWAYS say "excuse me" when you are trying to pass someone in the isle. 

- Bag your own groceries. Don't hold up the whole line to wait for a bagger to come and help...unless you are unable to yourself.

-Make simple conversation with the person checking you out. Do you know how many assholes they have already had in their line today? Don't be one of them. (in fact, try saying "Have a great day!" before they do...and mean it.)

-If you see someone in an electric cart on your isle, ask if they need help reaching an item. Every time I do this, people are amazed someone even cared to ask. 

-Be polite in the parking lot. Don't speed up to be the pedestrians crossing. So rude. 

-Bring something to keep your kids occupied. I get it...everyone has screaming children but why are yours screaming, on the floor dumping tortillas everywhere?

-You know those little donation tickets you can give to your cashier at check out? Do it every now and then. I promise you won't miss a dollar.

-RETURN YOUR FREAKING CART. And if there are some other stray ones in your area, return those too. If that seems just too damn difficult, park next to the cart return.


-Don't hold up a whole line of traffic to get a spot close to the front. Chances are, if you are willing to wait 20394823 minutes for a parking spot, you should be walking anyways. 

-Don't leave your cart in the middle of the isle while you go browse the whole isle. 

-Don't huff n' puff and shoot eye rolls when someone is in your way. Patience is virtue.

-DON'T, and I repeat DON'T grab an item and twenty minutes later put it back in an isle where it doesn't belong. I hate seeing a refrigerated item in the pantry section just spoiling away.

-Don't come up and start giving someone involuntary parenting advise. My child took her socks off in the car and has lost too many on the floors of HEB. Yes, I know its cold outside.
*I thought I would totally have more "Don'ts" maybe I will add later haha*

Do this and I promise you {and everyone around you} will have a more enjoyable shopping experience :)

"Do to others as you would have them do to you."
                                                                        Luke 6:31


  1. Thank you for reminding me....sometimes i do just put stuff back..never a refridgerator item but a box of cookies i should not eat..:) I am so proud of mom

  2. was probably a year ago I remember you posting a picture of a bunch of grocery carts on patch of grass and you said "Two wrongs dont make a right" and ever since then...I ALWAYS put my cart away. So thank you!!

  3. oh and ps I just tweeted about this post and linked to it!

  4. ahhhh thank you ruthie!!! My mom made fun of me for saying "we are children of God" and then saying asshole two sentences later. oops hahah!

  5. Giggle! I so feel you. It makes me sad when people are so rushed and rude. It'll suffice to say, we'd get a long at the grocery store :) Common sense isn't so common, is it?

    May I add one, please!?: Don't check out six times with 30 coupons when you have a lady behind you that has just unloaded half her cart with two kids, one of which is getting restless and ready to dive out of the cart. Some of those super couponers blow me away. I am pretty sure they have a drawer of toothpaste and don't need an extra 6 of them!