Monday, January 30, 2012

So it Begins...

It's official {and has been for four days now}. I have a toddler. The stink turned one year old last Thursday...sigh.

Her hectic birthday week has come and gone and life is almost back to normal. Sorry for the lack of blogging, everyone that knows me knows by now that I ate a bag of bad spinach that did quite the number on my stomach leaving me M.I.A from the bloggerverse {and life in general} since late Thursday night.

Her birthday party was amazing and was everything I could have ever hoped for. Look out for the recap tomorrow!

Here are some pictures from her actual birthday {January 26th, 2011}: A day at the park with mama and then ending the day with the tradition birthday cake. I really wanted to do a "smash cake" photo shoot but without totally repeating myself, I didn't feel up to it.

This child did not dig into the cake like an ordinary baby....she delicately took the icing off the top with her index finger. Everyone KNOWS that I only eat the icing off of cake and am notorious for leaving my finger prints in peoples (sometimes even random) cakes. JUST LIKE HER MAMA!!!

On Wednesday night Travis and I went to an amazing gallery opening. The project is called 31k Portraits for Peace. Travis was a participant and his face is plastered on 5th and Congress by the Mexican Art Museum downtown, you have to check it out! Check out more about this amazing movement here.

So proud of the person my husband has become. :)


  1. She is such a little lady with her cake! So precious. I heard the b'day party was super cute. So sad we missed it! Hope you are feeling better!

  2. I can't wait to see more pictures of your 1 year old! I am sure the party was a blast

  3. The party was absolutely perfect! You made it such a special day for Amelia! So glad we could come and be a part of it! Can't wait till you get back home!