Sunday, January 22, 2012

Forever Young.

A day at the park.
I Love savoring these moments with my butter bean. Now that she is stumbling walking, she loves walking in new territory.She loves giving "high fives" so that is what we are doing in the last few images. With her birthday a mere 4 days away, I am almost in a depressed state. Where did the time go? I wish she would stay this age forever... 

For those who follow my Facebook status', I keep catching Amelia in the tub. She has had a mysterious bruise on her forehead (I know she is exploring and getting many bumps and bruises, I wasn't worried but just COULDN'T remember her hitting her forehead that hard.)
while cleaning the bathroom, I witnessed her just DIVING into the bathtub head first without any warning at all. She landed face first and instead of making a cry or whimper, she started laughing out of excitement that she actually made it in. Big bruise finally had an explanation. That little stink....

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