Friday, December 30, 2011

periungual warts and my new years wish.

Sorry for the lack of blogging as of late...actually, I'm not one bit hah! After Christmas I spent a good two days figuring out how in the hell I was going to store all of Amelias new and existing toys and then on Wednesday I had the most bittersweet day I have had in ages.

Only my closest friends know about my periungual warts...before you start thinking I'm a walking STD, google it. RIGHT before I got pregnant in April of 2010 I went to a nail salon and got a simple manicure. I remember the lady specifically pulling on a small hangnail on my right thumb and it bleeding. I didn't think much of it until about a week later I noticed it was super infected. Within a month it formed into what I thought was just a "callus." For months it stayed the same and I never thought anything of it until last year my mother in law saw it and told me that it was a periungual wart (a wart that forms on or around your nail bed through sometimes even microscopic cuts). I could clip, file and try and SAW the thing off but it only became bigger and more painful over the months. When I was nine months pregnant I finally saw a dermotologist that basically told me there was nothing she could do about it and to "put duct tape on it". I saw another dermo. that froze it off with absolutely no outcome. This freaking wart was RUINING my life. It was SO painful, it was disgusting and I was so embarrassed that I hid my thumb in pictures, shaking peoples hands, etc.

I finally found a doctor that would surgically remove the wart. By now, I had two additional "common" warts on my other thumb and index finger (for those that don't know, warts are a virus and once you get one, you typically get multiple.) that popped up over fall. On Wednesday, I had them surgically removed. Thats right, cut out and then he froze the open wounds to ensure it killed the virus. The smaller ones are no big deal but the one on my thumb was so large it looks like I have a freaking flesh eating disease on my finger. After the procedure, I was literally sick to my stomach from pain (and I have a ridiculous pain tolerance!) and slept all day. Now that Wilbur is gone(that's right, after years of getting to know him, I named my wart) I can finally talk about it! This wart ordeal is a TOTAL over-share but it really is a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and dare I changing.

I think I am trying to justify my lack of blogging and put off posting Christmas photos (which I PROMISE I will do!) but this also leads to my ONE wish for the new year:


Other than the birth of the most amazing human being- Amelia of course- this has been a horrible year for me.I have mentioned in other posts that I have been a walking medical case and everyone that knows me will agree:

- I gave birth via C-Section
- I had my wisdom teeth taken out after months of agony after one of them cracked open when I was 7 months pregnant.
-Had a root canal and 4 cavities filled (yes, I have spent over $4000 on my teeth since August.) and I swear pregnancy ruined my teeth.
-I had my gallbladder removed which should have been a simple 2 hour surgery but ended up in the hospital for two days. (and this was after a few months of agonizing gall stones)
-My back/pelvis have been on fire lately due to the crazy weather changes/cold weather.
-Had a horrible outbreak of Eczema that was all over my hands/fingers/arms for a solid two weeks
-had my warts removed (which has been the worst so far!)

After writing it down, it doesn't seem like that much but with everything on my plate I feel like I have been living at a doctors/dentist office. On top of the procedures, it's always the recovery that blows. Please pray (for Travis' sake haha) that I have a healthier year ahead of me.

My New Year's Resolution has always been (since like 14 years old) to lose weight and get in shape but this year, I JUST WANT TO BE HEALTHY.  I have taken it for granted for so long.

SO LONG 2011, can't say I'll miss ya :)

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  1. I feel you! I had a c-section too. And yes. Pregnancy ruined my teeth. I went 28 years without even a cavity then came pregnancy. Eight cavities!

    My mom had a similar experience from a pedicure -she got an infection on her toe. Glad to hear you dealt with it.

    Here's to a healthy 2012 for you!