Thursday, December 8, 2011

Disasterous Christmas Cards....

Christmas came WAY too fast this year. I remember last year...9 months preggy and I daydreamed about our first Christmas card. With two photographers in one household, you would figure that we would send out a bangin' Christmas card....Well, I am afraid that won't be the case. We have put off doing them for weeks now and then *BAM* this freezing weather hits and there goes our pretty outdoor ideas.

Yesterday I attempted to put Amelia in her Christmas dresses and take some pictures (I already gave up on having all three of us in one). That little toot wanted NOTHING to do with the camera, in fact I am almost positive that she was acting this way on purpose (long are the days of successful photo shoots)! If she wasn't eating the ornaments or throwing a fit on the floor, she was laying down on any and every surface she could find or grabbing at my camera. Since these were the literally the best photos I got and there is no way in hell I will use them, might as well share them right?? After all, it took me almost 10 minutes to get her in those tights....

So I gave up and let her play with some magnets (her new favorite toy!) I made a few days ago.

Look at that hair! It is reaaally coming in thick now and curly! That is the only thing I could possibly ask for this Christmas hahah!

This year, my spoiled daughter got TWO Christmas dresses. I spent a few days shopping for Christmas dresses and after seeing so many red and green ones the last thing I wanted to spend $40 on (which I still can't fathom) was a freaking red Christmas dress like every other child will be wearing. So I found this one at Gymborree and fell in love. It was so different from everything I had seen and it still felt Christmas-y to reminded me of a snowflake almost like an ice princess. I searched and searched for silver shoes, I guess they are out of season?? 

And then I made this hair piece to add some fun flare that pulled together the snowflakey theme I was going for...too bad she refuses to keep it in her hair!

And then Travis' mom-who is an amazing seamstress and craft-lover herself- made Amelia this dress and cape! I fell in love all over again!!! She really outdid herself and I can't wait to see Amelia in it and am so sad our shoot didn't last long enough to get some photos of it. This picture does NOT do it justice!

My parents and brother came into town in the weee hours this morning for my sisterfriends wedding this weekend! I LOVE having them in town and appreciate their presence so much more now that I don't see them that often. Now that my mom is in town, I think I am going to con her into helping me with the next shoot so we can whip out some last minute cards :) poor GiGi...Here are some snap shots from today...

 Amelia sure loves her single uncle Nuno!!! Look at that cheeseeeeeeee!! LOVE IT! 

Holiday Reminder: My brother is single, sweet, good looking and loves kids. Who thankfully never reads my blog so he will never know I am secretly looking for him a wifey. 

What are YOUR plans this weekend!?


  1. Omg the first picture by the tree is to die for!!! I love her dresses...the ice princess dress is perfect bc she is so soft and sweet and the red one is perfect bc she is sassy and spunky. Clint and I will come over tomorrow to help with a shoot:) call a Chelsea!

  2. Nina your blog always makes me laugh, I totally understand about the card situation! Just imagine a boy amelia, gorgi the (everything goes my way) diva, and barely being able to work your own camera! Don't think the 3 of us will be sending out cards either lol. Oh and thanks for the ornament ideas lady :)

  3. Nina just wanting to say I love you. You are the best sister anyone could have. I will be following your blog from now on....since you are new to

  4. Her hair is getting so long! I love it! Her dresses are Travis' mom is so talented!