Wednesday, December 21, 2011

N.T.C Easy Peasy Handmade Christmas Gifts!

As we grow older we realize what Christmas (and all other holidays for that matter) is really about. Christ, family, friends, love, food and a good glass of wine are far more important that getting presents. It's so easy to get wrapped up in materialistic things...the holiday sales at the stores are slamming and you want your decorations and meals to be perfect. 

We had our annual TankMorenoPAGE night and this time we let the husbands attend. We always have a gift exchange and this year the gifts had to be handmade and under $10.00. I stuffed all these things in a bag and called it a day...Here are a few ideas if you are looking for a last minute gift that you could put together without leaving your nest...

Fab Frame:
SO SIMPLE and you probably have the materials at home! *SEE N.T.C TUTORIAL BELOW!*


Raw Tea with Coffee Mug:
Place raw tea in plastic baggie and tie with cute ribbon. Stuff in coffee cup in a coffee filter (this would also be adorbs in a tea cup. I got these at Goodwill)
*The Tea is from Magnolias Cafe and is their signature Hippie Tea...amazing.

Felt Flower Clipmaglace:
Ok, so this is a magnet but I have also made these for hair clips and necklaces as well! (When I make my next one, I am definitely taking pictures!) They only take a strip of felt and are too freaking easy. You can also attach a hair clip to your Christmas gifts for a present topper. Two. Gifts. In. it.

Scrumptious Magnets:
I made these magnets out of felt and hot glue. They turned out super cute and possibilities are truly endless (my mom suggested making a "paper doll" magnet set for Amelia to play with...such a good idea!) next, I am going to try and make a collection of sushi/california rolls!


-Frame (any size!)
- Ribbon (preferably wired/thick)
-Hot glue

First, tie the prettiest bow you can....really tight. 

Next, wrap twine into a circle form. I glued the ends and then flipped it over and glued the back all over.

 Glue twine disk to bow and then glue directly onto the frame. I glued on the corner but it looks cute in the middle as well!

Add a rhinestone in the center (or button/shell/decorative item) and remember to leave some twine showing!


  1. I love those felt flowers and the paper doll idea. I have three nieces and am always looking for some new ideas for gifts!

    By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog!