Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CHRISTmas time and an N.T.C!!!

Travis and I FINALLY decorated our home for Christmas two days ago. As much as I REALLY wanted to go all out this year on decorations, with all the unexpected expenses from earlier this year we just decided that we are going to go all out next year. We convinced ourselves that Amelia really isn't ready for a tree...or maybe we're not ready for her to be breaking all the ornaments yet. So, we whipped out our 4ft. $20 Christmas tree that we have had for 5 years (perfect for apartment living!) and it only took us about 20 minutes (kind of sad actually) to decorate our entire house. When it comes to Christmas time, I am all about tradition from dinner to decorations. Reds, greens, golds and winter white are all welcome in my home, and while the new funky colors are fun, they just don't remind me of the same warmth that I felt growing up.

I bought these stockings from Big Lots a few days ago because I like the traditional pizzaz they have but more importantly, they were only $2 and thought they would be PERFECT for my next craft!!


-Bling (of course!)
-Hot glue gun/glue stick
I used ribbon I already had and obviously wanted to go with Christmas colors. I liked the fact they were different patterns, I thought they looked fun! Although I mentioned I like the traditional colors, I LOVE variations of the greens and reds and using bright colors and patterns modernizes the decor. I wanted the stocking decorations to be similar but all different!
First, I put hot glue directly on the rhinestone and started layering feathers until I was happy with the look. It literally took me MAYBE half a minute. 
Next, I cut the ribbon into 3 in. angled pieces and used the same technique with the feathers; just directly gluing them to a rhinestone. I added some little feathers in between later..

Next, I wanted to try something different and wanted to make holly out of ribbon and felt. I layered and glued the ribbon, added a feather and some bling. It turned out so cute and almost wish I did all three this way!
Over all, I think they turned out super cute and added some cuteness to the fireplace!

With all the left over materials, I had an idea to make an "ornament" out of Amelia's art work! Just a little felt and artwork make these the perfect sentimental addition to your tree!

Here are the other decorations we have around the house! Trust me, I know they are nothing special; remember, I am going all out next year ;)

Here are some ornaments that we have on the tree that are my favs! Trust me, I know our tree is way too small to have these ornaments on it but I know we will have a grown up tree...someday :)
I LOVE this one! You can find them at Targets "$1 Hot Spot"

My mom bought this for Amelia MONTHS ago! I LOVE it.

I took glass ornaments (Big Lots, $3 for a box of 6!) and stuffed them with feathers and they turned out SO precious. I couldn't get a picture that would do them justice but they are so cute! The possibilities are endless with glass ornaments!

These are the colors that Amelia is obsessed with! She LOVES them and they are made particularly for toddlers hands. Thanks Crayola and my sweet Baja for buying them for her!

Nina Tank

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