Friday, December 23, 2011

Photography Venting 101

Half of the reason I started a blog was to get back into my most passionate hobby: Photography. Blogging forces me to take more pictures and I love it...even if it is just taking pictures of uncooked cornbread or Christmas decorations.
 I went to school for 3 years for photography/retouching but was highly discouraged that when I finished that EVERYONE with a DSLR camera (or the instagram app on their phone) was also a photographer. And they were taking pictures for almost nothing and ruining the market for everyone, especially when people would rather pay $25 for a photo shoot and be happy with their barely mediocre pictures.  My husband is actually a FULL TIME WORKING PHOTOGRAPHER (commercial and wedding) which is pretty rare as most photographers hobby never becomes anything more than that...a hobby. 
He almost never gives me credit but when we first started dating his dreams topped out at "touring with his highschool band" and had absolutely no intention on going to college. I simply told him I wasn't going to date someone that had zero ambition and he could either go to school at ACC with me or kick rocks. 
He became my copy cat and entered the photography program and just so happened to be amazing. And I will be the first to admit that I am totally jealous and have just a tiny bit of resentment that he gets to do what I LOVE on the reg. We have two cameras: Canon 5D and Canon 5D MarkII along with about 8 lenses, 2 flashes, a vagabond, 2 profoto lights, endless varieties of soft boxes, backdrops, and many other things that I have never even heard of let alone use. While Travis uses these things all the time, we are totally opposite in the fact that I use only natural lighting 99% of the time.

The intention of this post was not to talk about photography, but I just can't hit the delete button on the semi-novel I just wrote. I simply wanted to share some photos I took the other night of my favorite Christmas ornaments. Something about them looks so angelic- pun intended.

And then I took these photos at Bajas house. The cross in her backyard is so beautiful and I just had to take pictures of it. 
Once I was taking pictures I tried taking some out of focus because Christmas lights are just so beautiful when they are photographed that way. I started messing around with the shutter speed and came up with these: 

Even though I will never use them for anything, they turned out cool! 

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  1. I think you're an amazing photographer Nina.....the only one I allow to photograph me:) (unless you're busy/in my wedding party) love you!!