Monday, June 20, 2011

Dog tags and my single brother...

WHEW!!! The last five days of my life have been OUT OF CONTROL. Sorry for my lack of blogging- as most of you know from Facebook, my beloved Marley went missing on Saturday so when I finally got the opportunity to blog, I couldn't leave to couch to stop sulking. Here was my run-down of my life lately:

On Thursday nothing too special happened (unless you count spit up and rocking exciting) until around 10:00pm I got a huge urge to bake some cupcakes after watching Cupcake Wars (I need to enroll in a 12-step program for that show, it's sick). I have never been one to follow the rules and recipes are no exception! I made the most AMAZING cinnamon apple butter cupcakes with homemade icing... 
I sauteed apple, cinnamon and butter and added it to a box of French Vanilla cake box mix. For frosting I threw cream cheese, whip cream, butter and powered sugar into a bowl....deeeeeelish. Needless to say I wanted to puke after I was finished (and have yet to eat a cupcake) because I kept eating the batter and icing. Sprinkled cinnamon on top and they were all the rage!

Saturday I woke up not knowing how life changing the day would be. Travis had a wedding to shoot in the evening so around 3 pm he was loading his car up with camera gear and I was getting ready to go see my Baja. We left around the same time, 4 pm. I knew SOMETHING seemed off when I left...I thought that maybe I left the dogs outside but was comforted when I saw my dog Lucy sitting on the couch (SHE is  the escape artist) and I figured my dog Marley, being the loner that he is, was probably in his doggy bed in the bedroom. I arrived back home around 7:30 and automatically (again) knew something was wrong. Lucy usually awaits our arrival on the couch but she was crying and licking our entry window and freaking out once I got inside. My heart sank because Marley ALWAYS greets me at the door. "No biggy" I thought, he is probably locked in a room somewhere...minutes later I was absolutely hysterical calling Travis and my mom. He must have gotten out when we were loading our cars HOURS ago! I wanted to go searching for him but after calling his name for an hour outside, I had to go take care of Amelia. Around 9 o'clock my good friend Bekah came over to watch Amelia while I went to hang posters with my mom (what amazing human beings both those ladies are!). Right when I was pulling the car in, Travis arrived home and started freaking out when I told him what was going on because his phone was off, he was oblivious as to all the action he had been missing. That night we hung posters all over the neighborhood, went door to door and also drove around for a good hour looking for him. We had to go to sleep knowing he didn't have his collar and he also isn't chipped. My heart was broken...I never EVER thought I could feel this much pain for a "pet." I got Marley when I became a "big girl" and moved out on my own after high school, he was only a few weeks old...he was the first man in my life :( 

Sunday morning, despite it being Travis' first Fathers Day, we woke up at 7 am ready to look for Marley in actual daylight. I was so impressed by Travis...he was NOT going to give up. We again went door to door, calling his name and hanging more posters up. We called tons of shelters, animal control, and vets but nobody had Marley. We finally caved and paid $300.00 to the website They call all of your (2500!!) neighbors looking for information on the dog and they have an 80% success rate even after weeks of a missing pet. We tried to be optimistic but had come to the realization that we were most likely never going to get our Marley back...after all, he is the sweetest loving lapdog and EVERYONE loves Marley. We had to start getting ready because we had major plans that evening...

To make a long story short, my moms very best friend Tammy Miranda is dying from a very rare liver disease and the last few months my amazing mother has spent every waking hour organizing a benefit to raise money for Tammy's much needed liver transplant. The benefit was held yesterday with the headliner being the band BOSTON preforming! They had silent auctions, food, games and it was a TON of fun and I am SO proud of my mom putting everything together (with help of course!). For more info on her story, how to donate and spread donor awareness go to After an amazingly fun night (thanks to toooo many Texas Sweat Teas) we went to bed AGAIN without a Marley by our side...

This morning I woke up feeling hopeless and could no longer be depressed. I had to put it in God's hands and just pray that whoever had him would take good care of him. My cousin Casey came over to cheer me up and that she did...she is hilarious to say the least. She is wise beyond her years and too trendy to really be hanging out with me...She is ALWAYS down for a photo shoot...I took these between 2005-2009... 

 of course I whip out the camera during Amelias nap time and snap some photos :)

mid after noon my brother came by for some additional cheering up. HE IS OBSESSED with Amelia, and the feeling is mutual...she just stares at him with the biggest smile on her face! I could watch them two play all day! He even has some songs he makes up while she is getting her diaper presh!

(NOTE: This attractive young man is SINGLE, sweet as pie, amazing with kids and needs girlfriend!!! Any ideas? Nuno, don't kill me!)

Around 4:30 I got the most AMAZING news!!! MARLEY WAS FOUND!! Just when I had lost my faith and hope, there was God to prove to me that he is always near! WOW!! Tomorrow I am going to get both my dogs microchipped, new tags....and a haircut! THANK YOU THANK YOU to all who were thinking and praying for our sweet boy! He was in great hands and the girl that found him was awesome!! 

This post was way too long but....had to share :)

(ANOTHER NOTE: I am not joking about my brother, lets hook him UP! He claims he won't get on a dating website until at least 28 years of age...he is only 24 :/ )

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