Thursday, June 9, 2011

Going Poo-less!


Since I have been wanting to blog FOR AGES...( I literally wanted my own advice column at age 7, ha!) I wanted my first blog to be something interesting. SO...after completely failing at a craft, I decided to dedicate the next 7 days on a new shampoo/conditioner routine.

Have any of you (mom..baja? ha, the only two I suspect will actually read this) seen the commercial for WEN hair care? Its basically a shampoo/conditioner that is sulfate free. I was totally interested but NOT going to spend that kind of money on a hair product. I recently came across a blogger that posted a recipe for a homemade conditioner and shampoo and swears it works wonders. After doing a little research, I found that this is not only something that people used waaaaay back when (decades and decades ago) but also highly recommended by many stylists. It seems too easy to be true, but I am ready!

Step 1:
Empty out your shampoo and conditioner bottles. I actually did this to commit, no turning back...I also put the mixtures back in the bottles after a good rinse.

 Step 2: Shampoo mixture: (ready??)
-Baking Soda.
- Water.

THAT'S IT. For every cup of water, use 1 tbs. of baking soda. Baking soda is the weakest alkaline and will clear your scalp of build up.

Step 3: Conditioner mixture: (even more scary...)
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Water

This whole thing seems backwards to me! The vinegar should balance out the pH, detangle and seal the split ends. This also calls for 1 tbs. per ever cup of water used.

That's it folks! Going to go shower...and crossing my fingers my husband will sleep next to me after I reek of vinegar....however, I am going to let him find out on his own that there is no longer shampoo in that bottle ;)


  1. Nina!!! First of all I am so proud of you for doing this blog and I along with Baja will be your biggest fan!!! I am going to HEB today and I will try this, but remember I am a DRY HEAD... will this put moisture back in my already dull locks? I guess I have to try it before I knock it! love you

  2. I am going to update on my hair but I am IMPRESSED to say the least! LOOOVE IT! hair feels so good and I just let it air dry... I remember the blog saying if you have a dryer scalp, use less "shampoo" mixture and more "conditioner" mixture...time will tell! Thanks for reading my blog mama!! haha I knew I could could on you and Chelsea to read :D

  3. I used wen for awhile and it was FANTASTIC! I had to stop using it though because it was digging deep in the pocket book :(