Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloweeny 2k11

First and foremost, I will NOT let Kim Kardashian overshadow this blog post bahaha. I will however let you know that I joined twitter just to follow all her divorce mess and every real housewife- I am disgusted with myself, trust me...

I can't believe it is already November!!! WHAT?! 
What I can't believe more is that Amelia's first Halloween came and went already :( *tear*

She went as Wonder Woman :) totally wish I would have done a before and after picture of her costume, I transformed the hell out of it. I got it at goodwill for $2.99 but it was just a plain red onsie and blue skirt/cape. I took her out yesterday for a photo shoot and she was NOT cooperating. Between the huge pit bull walking by and the candy props, I couldn't get her to look at the camera to save my life.... Oh well, she is still a hellofa looker.

We went back inside and I put the candy bucket up and she got sooooo sad...

so I caved and gave her some.

Right when I thought her mind was off of the candy and we were back in the living room playing with toys, she snuck all the way back over and was trying to get some more!

it was cracking me up how she was standing on the very tip of her tippy toes to reach in the bucket! Oh the determination of this child, I swear sometimes...

I don't know why I love the next picture so much...she always loves to hide behind the curtain but this time it was like she was being sneaky with her candy hahaha!


We had SO much fun passing out candy to the kiddos! Amelia actually got excited every time someone knocked on the door, so presh! Seeing all the kids costumes got my brain storming for next year...I am totally going to make her costumes!

I didn't feel like pulling out the decorations this year. With my garage jam-packed full of stuff from the remodel, I didn't have the energy....SO I settled for the pumpkins for our patch picking and a candle.

Travis went as Kevin Federline (I tried to tell him that was soooo 5 years ago). Don't let him fool you, he actually put some thought into this outfit. Some kid asked if he was a coloring book HAHAH! 

Mommy went as a cat....I know, I know...veeeeeery original, but Amelia LOVED it!


While the camera was out from last night, I decided to document our morning and just get some very candid photos because I hardly have any...

We got her some new kicks!!!

and she loves them!

Riiiiight after this Amelia got a horrible boo boo and we were both in tears. She hit the corner of the table the TV sits on RIGHT in the middle of the forehead....it is now a ginormous bruise :( it hurts my heart. What's worse is you really don't even realize you need to child proof something until something like this happens...

she forgave me once I gave her some snacks...

That's all for now! Hope you all had a wonderful and SAFE halloween. And I hate to put on my mommy pants but ladies...it's not that cool attractive to be a skank for halloween anymore...the jig is up. 


Nina Tank


  1. Y'all looked amazing!!!! And your hardwood floors are beautiful lol! Clint and I laughed at the photo sequence of Amelia with the candy....she's a scavenger! I love you!!!!

  2. Haha! I was literally laughing so hard, but she had the last laugh...she ultimately knocked the bowl over and I had to clean it up lol

  3. Nina & Travis...my oh my what a beautiful little family you are!!!! Of course Amelia is THE MOST AMAZING GRANDGIRL and I have to brag that when I call and you put me on speaker phone to talk...she actually kisses the phone!!! I laughed so hard at this blog..keep them coming Weins...love love you all.. Chelsea....just wait until you and Clint have pitter patter of little feet...:D

  4. What a sweet sweet baby. This is a great blog Nina