Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caramel Apple Stuffed Biscuit: A perfectly easy dessert!

Truth be told: I was so excited to blog about this dessert that I totally made up all by myself (if it exists, its news to me) but had a raging head ache and fell asleep early.

On a happier note, there is NOTHING better than the feel of holidays in the air! I see people complaining on facebook about Christmas decorations being out in stores already and I am so eager to say "ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!? I wish they kept them up all year round!" Yes, I am one of those that could jam Christmas tunes in July and watch  "Christmas Vacation" year round.

 I took a quick trip to the grocery store yesterday and suddenly had a craving for something along the lines of apple pie. I only had one apple and thought...biscuits? Why the hell not...

I'm calling these Caramel Apple stuffed Biscuits!

You will need:
-Biscuits (I used butter flavored)
- Apple (1 med. sized apple made 4)
-Brown sugar
-Heavy cream
-Ground nutmeg

 -Turn oven on to 400ยบ (I followed my biscuit can)
-Tear biscuit dough in half and mold to a cupcake holder (you will use the other half of the biscuit later) bake for 10 minutes, take out of oven.
 -Peel and dice apple into larger chunks
-Start cooking in skillet with 1.5 tablespoons of butter and about 3.5 tablespoons of brown sugar. *I kept adding the cream and some water (little bits at a time) to help the apples cook and also to prevent the sauce from getting to thick*
-Add your spices to taste and let simmer until apples are about 3/4 way cooked. 
-While the biscuit cups are still warm, remold them to the shape of the bowl so you have room for your apples.
-Spoon cooked apples into your biscuit cups and top with the other half of your biscuit (I flattened mine in my hand) Cook for an additional 10 minutes or until the top is browned. There should be some glazing juice left behind...this is perfect to top your dish! I will strain my apples better next time, the dough did get just a little soggy. 

I topped it with some greek yogurt and it was AMAZING. I loved it, Travis loved it and I am hoping YOU will love it :)

Below, I documented this recipe step by step!


OH, AND your parents are right, tupperware really does occupy babies. Success...

Side note: 
 I feel like a walking health problem lately...On Friday I woke up with a cold sore AND a canker sore on my lip, I have a mysterious rash all over my left and and arm that I am praying is not what I think it is (eczema), I have an enormous blister on my left foot and with this stormy weather my back and pelvis are equal to a 90 year olds. 

*Just keep swimming, just keep swimming*

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