Thursday, November 10, 2011

Family Affair: Celtic Festival

I have been meaning to blog about our weekend...all week! Between travis having the card reader for the memory card and dealing with a sick baby, the days slipped between my fingers.

Me and my lovies hit up the Celtic Festival last Sunday and it was a BLAST! The music was amazing. I stumbled across this gem on when looking for a renaissance festival a few weeks ago. If you haven't gone, I recommend going...if you're willing to shell out some dough...this is NOT a cheap outing. 

Here are some pics from the day:

aww the hubs :)

I felt so bad for this horse :( looked so sad....

They had a few baby events going on but we only checked out a few of them...not quite sure what this was...

The funniest thing was people take this stuff SERIOUSLY. Kilts, hats, everyone in head to toe plaid...but the woman who kept her baby in the basket takes the cake (you're not fooling me with your modern "Born Free" bottle lady!)

The fight scenes were the best part, so funny! 

Amelia enjoying the fighting!

Ha, Travis kept putting his hat on her..her face reads "Seriously dad? I thought we've been over this. Stop"


The best and worst part of the day...

Travis did the archery! He was actually really good and hit the bulls eye multiple times...winning a rock HAHAH!

That pretty much sums up the day! If you haven't been, here are some pro's and con's:

-Good music
-Occupied about 3 hours of a lazy Sunday
-If you are a "people watcher" this is a MUST
-Fun souvenirs 
-Good beer and food
-Free parking

-Uh...we can start by it costing $15 a person to get in. I was frustrated from the start.
-No pets allowed (for the pet lovers out there...hi, this is Austin!)
-Everything was SO pricey. Those onions were $8 and the lemonade was $5
-Awkward run in with high school prom date (ok, that was just me)

Over all, like I said before, very fun and different but only if you are willing to shell out some cash. We spent about $80 total...not too shabby if we wouldn't have gone out Friday night and spent about the same at one bar (I suppose that was our fault hah) so we had an expensive weekend!

Oh!! I updated my header :) like it?? I worked a little photoshop magic and put it together, but not quite sure what I think yet....

Have YOU been to Celtic Festival? Are there any other festivals coming up that you know about!?

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