Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tea and Crumpets!

January is coming WAY too fast...which means my sweetness is almost ONE ALREADY!?@#?!L;ASKLDFJASD;L JF

^^^ I literally start freaking out when I think about it. Not only did the time go blazing by, but it is a rude awakening of the happenings that are just around the corner: walking, potty training, time outs and then more baby making (we'll see about that last one).

Before all of those things, I am going to try and master throwing an amazing birthday bash! Because her special day is smack dab in the middle of winter, the obvious easy bbq is a no go. Our families always gather on Sundays so having a Sunday birthday party just seemed right. After much deliberation, I am finally going to live out my own fantasy and throw a killer MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY!
This is the "save the date" I sent out through e-mail to my family. We want everyone to be there so I wanted everyone to pencil it in their calendars...especially family that lives far away!

I am so excited...not only for the party and celebrations but all the crafting thats going to be involved since I plan on making most everything myself.

For feasting I am thinking brunchy items, tea sandwiches, chilled soup, cupcakes, scones and cookies.

Drinks will include a tea bar, cucumber water, and mimosa's.


For decorations I am thinking tons of fresh flowers, mix&match tea cups and tea pots, doilies, and I am thinking I am going to go with purples, gray and pinks for the colors! (Goodwill will be my new weekly hangout).

I know this seems far away but I feel like if I am going to have handmade invitations  and favors, I better get a move on! I will keep you up to date on all the crafts and ideas I have ;)

What did YOU do for your child's first birthday?? Do you have any ideas for the tea party?!



  1. I used 2 tea cups to serve hummus in at a bridal shower, you are welcome to use them girl! I also have lots of glass serveware that would help with the theme :-)

  2. My first birthday was Minnie mouse and my mom and I dressed in matching outfits! Lol can't wait until Amelia's party!

  3. Ruthie, I seriously might take you up on that!!! I need to start looking for fancy tea cups STAT! would have a disney themed birthday. 22 years and counting... "Hey chels, what are you up to this weekend? "oh, watching sleeping beauty"

  4. Nina, I have several beautiful antique tea cups that you can use, so does Baja. I will start getting things together and be on the lookout for everything!!!
    I cannot wait!!! I love you and Miss Mad Hatter!!! mom