Thursday, November 17, 2011

NTC: Thanksgiving Paper Towel Napkin Rings!

Does anyone remember making these stylish hats in elementary school? They were totally my inspiration for my next craft! I came across this adorable blog a few weeks back and thought "what a clever idea to use toilet paper rolls for napkin rings!" I knew I wanted to do something along these lines for Thanksgiving. 

I am hosting Thanksgiving this year under ONE condition: I don't have to cook the ham or turkey HAH! I am not ready to ruin a holiday in my own home yet...maybe next year ;) Since we have remodeled our home, I have been an eager beaver to have a party at our house! I really want to impress everyone with the decorations, even though it is just our families. I LOVE when Baja compliments on all my efforts, she notices every tiny detail which leads to stories of when she was younger. 

I present to you this weeks N.T.C: 
Paper Towel Roll Napkin Rings

Materials you will need:
-Paper towel roll (makes about twelve 1in. napkin rings)
-felt (I know I always use felt but you can't beat 4/$1)
-Glue gun/glue

First, cut your paper towel roll into equal rings. I just eyeballed it :)
Next, cut your felt into strips large enough to cover your paper towel ring. They can be larger than the ring, the paper towel is just being used as the structure. Glue the strip directly onto the paper towel ring. 

Next, glue on your feathers and bling or anything you want to use as decoration! This is the fun part, be creative!! I put the feathers on the seam of the felt so it hides it completely.

see my killer rash that is taking over my hand?? :(

I went with two different colors for the large feather, orange and brown to give it that Thanksgiving feel.

Using the feathers makes every one unique and different and makes it impossible for mistakes. If my dad taught me anything about art it was "There are no mistakes." Any time I would paint the wrong color, he would always remind me to just paint over it....easier said than done to a 6 year old. 

Did a practice setting and I think they look so good! Don't judge my etiquette, I have no idea where the silverware goes. 

It took me about 20 minutes to do 6 and I have 6 more to go....that will have to wait for another nap time :)

Since this is the time for ThanksGIVING, please read my husbands blog on his mission trip next August! He is GIVING his time and talent to Ghana Christian Missions to do a documentary and needs YOUR help!
Do you have any other fun crafts using paper towel rolls?! Please share!


  1. Nina these are AMAZING!! I am not hosting Thanksgiving but will definitely be remembering these!!

  2. How sweet of you to link to my blog! Your napkin rings are adorable! Have pinned them for the day that The Boy and I have babies...

  3. Nina those are soooo cute!!!!!! You're the craftiest person I know

  4. Ahhh! Thanks everyone, they are are almost too easy to be called a craft...and I am going to do them for every flippin' holiday!